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Uba Sani’s unwavering commitment to security: A landmark achievement in Kaduna

Uba Sani’s unwavering commitment to security: A landmark achievement in Kaduna
May 29
12:10 2024


Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna state has taken monumental steps to enhance the security landscape of the state, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to protecting the lives and properties of its citizens. His administration’s approach to tackling insecurity, particularly the rampant issues of banditry and other related crimes, has been both comprehensive and decisive.

In his first 100 days in office, Governor Sani embarked on an ambitious plan to bolster local security forces. Recognising the limitations of the existing security apparatus, he recruited 7,000 vigilantes. This massive recruitment drive was aimed at augmenting the capacity of conventional security agencies, providing a much-needed grassroots presence in combating crime. These vigilantes, drawn from local communities, bring invaluable local knowledge and a vested interest in the security of their areas, making them a critical component in the fight against banditry and other forms of criminal activity.

Today marks another significant milestone in Governor Sani’s security initiatives as he commissions the distribution of 150 modern, sophisticated vehicles and 500 motorcycles to security personnel within the state under the newly named operation, “Operation Fushin-Kada“. These vehicles and motorcycles, equipped with advanced technology, are designed to improve mobility and response times, allowing security forces to react swiftly to incidents and patrol vast and often challenging terrains effectively. This logistical upgrade is a game-changer, ensuring that security personnel can cover more ground and reach troubled spots with greater efficiency.


The commissioning ceremony was attended by critical stakeholders in the security sector, including the National Security Adviser, the Chief of Defence Staff, and the Inspector General of Police. Their presence underscores the importance of this initiative and highlights the collaborative efforts between state and federal security agencies. Governor Sani’s invitation to these key figures is a testament to his commitment to fostering a united front against insecurity, ensuring that all levels of government work in tandem to protect the people of Kaduna state.

Governor Sani’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His proactive measures have not only strengthened the morale of the security forces but have also instilled a sense of hope and safety among the residents of Kaduna state. The introduction of these vigilantes and the provision of 150 state-of-the-art vehicles and 500 motorcycles signify a comprehensive strategy that addresses both immediate security needs and long-term stability.

Moreover, these initiatives reflect Governor Sani’s understanding that security is foundational to the overall development of the state. By prioritising safety, he is paving the way for socio-economic growth, as a secure environment is essential for businesses to thrive and for citizens to go about their daily lives without fear. The ripple effect of enhanced security extends to all sectors, fostering a conducive atmosphere for education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.


In conclusion, Governor Uba Sani’s relentless focus on improving the security of Kaduna state through the recruitment of 7,000 vigilantes and the acquisition of 150 sophisticated vehicles and 500 motorcycles for security operations is commendable. His dedication to creating a safer environment for the people of Kaduna state deserves accolades and appreciation. It is imperative to encourage him to maintain this momentum and to explore even more innovative solutions to ensure sustained security and peace in the state. His leadership in this regard sets a benchmark for others to follow, showcasing a model of how decisive action and strategic investments in security can transform a state.

Inuwa wrote from Kaduna.

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