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UK may probe ‘links’ between APC, Boko Haram

UK may probe ‘links’ between APC, Boko Haram
July 12
08:38 2014
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A prominent member of the British parliament, Mr. Andrew Rosindell (pictured), has questioned the UK foreign secretary, Mr. William Hague, on the country’s engagement with Nigeria’s leading opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), over the Boko Haram menace.

This came after a debate in parliament in which Labour MP Sandra Osborne sought to examine allegations of links between APC and the insurgents.

The increasing questioning of the UK government by MPs on the issue may force an enquiry into the allegations.

However, APC spokesman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, told TheCable on Friday that he was not aware of any meeting between the leadership of APC and Hague.


Rosindell, a conservative who represents Romford and is a member of the influential foreign affairs committee, sent in his written questions ─ called “notices” ─ on Tuesday, July 8.

Hague is mandated to formally respond to Rosindell’s questions in the coming weeks on behalf of the British government.

The questions, listed under “notices for written answer”, were published on the website of the UK parliament.


Rosindell’s queries relating to Boko Haram, as listed, are:

  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, if he will commission an inquiry into the international support network for Boko Haram in Nigeria and Cameroon; and if he will make a statement. (Notice no. 204402)
  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what discussions (a) he and (b) other Ministers in his Department have had with leading members of the Nigerian opposition party, the All Progressive Congress; and if he will make a statement. (204401)
  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what assessment he has made of the rise in Islamic terrorism in Nigeria. (204387)
  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what support his Department plans to offer to Nigeria in tackling the threat of Boko Haram. (204388)
  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what assessment he has made of links between Boko Haram and other Islamic extremist groups in Africa. (204389)
  • To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, if he will discuss with his counterpart in Cameroon the need for constructive dialogue between that country and Nigeria in tackling Boko Haram; and if he will make a statement. (204390)
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  1. njemanze
    njemanze July 12, 19:55

    there is no point of going into the matter the IBOs wants go .if you see the people being killed the are the what are we talking about.

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  2. Story
    Story July 13, 07:56

    UK have not sort there racist country problem, there EU propaganda and what about there drone that fell off in Uganda or Senegal. UK have many issues to sort out than probing another country. If they want to assist then they should go and bring back our girls. I thought they have all the intelligent services…

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    • Toks! Toks!!
      Toks! Toks!! July 13, 17:58

      The UK is not a perfect country. They have their own problems but it is nothing compared to the shameful confusion Nigeria is in. Mr. Cameron is fully on top of his game. Mr Jonathan is not! Go look for your girls. Why should you expect UK or US to do it?? Why would you challenge them to go into Sambisa Forest when Nigerian Army aren’t ready.

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  3. PhilosopherKing
    PhilosopherKing July 14, 08:27

    Mass illiteracy is the problem in Nigeria. Terrorism is a global crime. Nigeria is a Commonwealth nation, a nation that has provided numerous economic benefits to the crown? so why should they not help set up an international enquiry? Don’t forget they are also permanent members on the UN security council. My personal view is certain Nigerian politicians are trying to make the current president look bad & since he is from a ‘minority’ group in Nigeria, it will only fan the flames of ethnic disparity that the major tribes of Nigeria are so good at. So, he’s doing the smartest thing, let the international community handle it.

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    • ahuama Jr
      ahuama Jr July 17, 19:16

      King, look its not true we depend on majority before one rules in Nigeria, we’re in a democratic system where we have several parties and individuals are voted according to their party affiliation. Jonathan came in there through his party not minority nor majority. Our only concern is that political parties are using the insurgency in Nigeria to campaign instead of seeking for the solution to the problem.

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  4. Rod
    Rod July 15, 01:58

    Its not about Yes or No to education for girls. It is about total rejection of what has been viewed as foreign aggression. A line was drawn and a war has been waged.

    Sad reality is, these people tagged as terrorists have their own believers and supporters. And that makes it hard fighting them in their own land.

    Western colonialism and western Imperialism are the issues fueling them.

    Why cant some leave these people alone to kill the issues instead of giving them flesh.

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  5. leo
    leo July 15, 03:12

    All Nigerians and the whole world want to know the outcome of this probe before 2015. Is APC sponsoring Boko Haram?

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  6. leo
    leo July 15, 03:35

    We want to know the outcome of the probe before 2015

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  7. Goddy
    Goddy July 15, 07:04

    If APC is funding Boko Haram to destroy the nation, it was be for selfish interest, but just for mere political interest. The probe should be encouraged to commence in order to shame the devilish lords behind this shameful and wicked act against the nation of Nigeria.

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    • Truth must Surface
      Truth must Surface July 15, 08:06

      what if it was PDP that is behind the Boko Haram?

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      • ahuama Jr
        ahuama Jr July 17, 18:57

        The Ibo’s are always at the loosing end of any crisis in Nigeria, I don’t know why, can’t we call it quit for peace. Churches are the most targeted areas and these boys have crossed to the south east as boko haram boys had attempted bombing a church in Owerri Imo State, Nigeria.

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  8. Dmaverick
    Dmaverick July 15, 21:17

    Simple reason why this can’t be the PDP is d fact that the best weapon opposition uses against them is insecurity. It will b foolish 2 sponsor terror at your peril. APC gains more from the whole debacle

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    • smart
      smart July 17, 19:17

      Pdp and goodluck Jonathan are part of the problems of nigeria the corruption that has eaten deep into the nigerian state is alarming and with the missing of 20 billion dollars oil money you can sponsor terror in any part of the world but it’s important that countries like the UK should step in and get to the truth.

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  9. lsfg
    lsfg July 17, 18:49

    PDP and their apologist made APC look like a terrorist party simply because most of their leaders are muslims. The British Parliament should invite the president and his party to ask them what they know about boko haram.

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  10. JOYCE
    JOYCE July 17, 20:24

    Whether selfish interest or not all we need is prayer.

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  11. Hassan
    Hassan July 17, 21:04

    The late general azazi said PDP is boko haram, and GEJ said he he know them in his govt. he eat with them, lets him name those he know.

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  12. Egi
    Egi July 17, 21:05

    imagine some killing some one saying he want to rescure him hmmmmmmmm even if we need help is dis d kind of help u can render linking d group to a political party wht is d sitting gov’t doing about it if a gov’t will depoly ova 30000 security agents to a state cose of an ellection and les dan 1000 is given to an area wer dey are needed most no 1 seems to see dt d security info @ d disposal of d gov’t wht aav dy done wt it d politics of dictatorship and opresion d fed gov’t is playing no 1 sees or is saying any tin abut dt most dy play politics wt evry tin? Help us wer we need help and do not creat more hatread and enemity btw us we av more dan enuf problms in our hands already pls

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  13. chuba
    chuba August 28, 21:22

    this is the view from an outside minded , or far from the point of view with the intention to divert the country from the reality , PDP should stop cooking stories , because , is not APC that buy weapon and give it to some officers only to abandoned them to Boko haram, the uk most know the truth before commenting.

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