Umo Eno visits Tinubu, seeks intervention on federal projects in Akwa Ibom

Umo Eno, governor of akwa-Ibom state and President Bola Tinubu Umo Eno, governor of akwa-Ibom state and President Bola Tinubu

Umo Eno, governor of Akwa-Ibom, says he has sought President Bola Tinubu’s intervention on two federal government’s uncompleted projects in the state. 

Eno spoke on Thursday after a meeting with Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The governor said he requested the president’s assistance for the completion of the Ibom deep seaport and an export license for the free zone at the Ibom airport.

After listening to his requests, Eno said Tinubu has promised to review the proposal.


The Akwa Ibom governor said the state is keen on forging a strategic partnership with the federal government.

“We talked about the road you have just mentioned, the Calabar-Itu road. We will need the president to help us intervene and let’s get that road finished,” Eno said. 

“We talked about our Ibom deep seaport; we will need the president to also intervene and let’s get the seaport. I also mentioned to him the export license, the free zone for our airport, so that for the maintenance, repairs, and overhauling facility there, we will be able to bring in spare parts to service the aeroplanes.


“These are the strategic partnership that we want with the federal government. So, I talked about it and he promised to look into it, and I believe him.

“Politics is over and governance has started. So Akwa Ibom is an integral part of Nigeria and we have to work with the federal government to ensure that Akwa Ibomites will see the benefits of democracy and we cannot do that if we work standing apart.

“And so I came to visit with the president like I said, to congratulate him and pledge our support to work with him and our commitment as a state so that Akwa Ibomite will derive the full benefit of democracy. 

“There are lots of things we expect from the federal government and it’s only with that cooperation that we can work together and achieve the common good, whatever I know I can do, to bring the dividends of democracy to my people, I will do it.”

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