UNVEILED: This is the ‘successor’ BRF groomed

Many Lagosians have been asking the question: who did Babatunde Raji Fashola (BRF) groom to succeed him as governor of Lagos state?

TheCable can now unveil the man: he is Olasupo Shasore, former commissioner for justice and attorney-general of the state.

The question of Fashola’s succession plan has been on the lips of many Nigerians who fear that his legacy could fall apart when he leaves office next year.

Little was known about his mentorship of Shasore who, according to Alausa insiders, was a very important figure in the Fashola government from 2007 to 2011.

shasore fashola
Fashola and Shasore have been seen at public functions together lately

But the 2015 political calculations have placed Fashola’s long-term plan in the balance, with the national leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, preferring Akinwunmi Ambode as his man for governorship.

Ambode, who has already declared his interest in the race, was accountant-general of Lagos and permanent secretary in the ministry of finance when Tinubu was governor.

While Tinubu unexpectedly picked Fashola as his successor in 2007, the consolation then was that Fashola was Tinubu’s chief of staff and had been secretly groomed for governorship.


However, Ambode has never been part of Fashola’s government and there are fears he could be starting from the scratch if he becomes governor.

shasore supo 2
Shasore has been saddled with providing homes for Lagosians through HOMS

Shasore, a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) like Fashola, was one of the only two commissioners personally picked by the governor in his first cabinet in 2007.

After playing a key role in the government, especially in legal reforms, Shasore left the cabinet in 2011 in a strategic move by Fashola to get him ready for the job in 2015, sources in the know told TheCable.

In the meantime, Shasore has been saddled with the responsibility of delivering home ownership to Lagosians as chairman of the Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (Lagos HOMS) committee as part of Fashola’s plan to get the Lagos Island-born lawyer to familiarise himself with the key constituencies in the state.


He also promoted Shasore into national politics, nominating him to the National Conference which was held in Abuja this year.

fashola hamzat
Fashola at the coronation of Oba Hamzat, the father of his Plan B, as Olu of Afowora, Ogun state

Fashola also prepared a Plan B: Femi Hamzat, his commissioner of works and infrastructure.

Hamzat has been a member of the cabinet since 2005, first serving as commissioner for science and technology before moving to works in 2011.

Having been a key member of Fashola’s cabinet, Hamzat has also understudied the governor for the past four years and was said to be preparing to run, but two obstacles stood his way.


With Lagosians clamouring for an indigene and the Christian community agitating for one of their own, Hamzat’s ambition has been tempered by political realities.

His father, Oba Mufutau Olatunji Hamzat, was recently made Olu of Afowowa, Ogun state, inevitably revealing his roots and exposing him to a potentially politically damaging campaign that could give the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) an advantage in the governorship race.


Ironically, though, Oba Hamzat played politics in Lagos all his life, serving as a member of the state house of assembly and commissioner for transport in the 1970s and 1980s.

Ambode, Tinubu’s choice

Shasore is from Lagos Island, but Ambode has had to battle allegations that he is lying about his Ilaje roots in Ondo state.


The attempt to balance religion may also work against Hamzat, following agitations that a Christian should be governor for the first since the fourth republic birthed in 1999.

Shasore and Ambode are Christians, and the PDP is waiting in the wings to field a Christian ─ with Jimi Agbaje’s name ranking high on the list ─ in the event that religion becomes a major issue as the primaries draw close.


Fashola, it would appear, may defer to Tinubu’s choice of Ambode, who against expectations made him the governorship candidate of the Action Congress (now APC) in 2007.

shasore supo
Shasore, first left, at another public outing with Fashola

Shasore was born in Lagos Island, Lagos, 50 years ago to Taoheed Shasore, a diplomat, and Bilkis Oladoyinbo Adufe, a civil servant and businesswoman.

He attended Christ Church Cathedral Primary School, Federal Government College, and Igbobi College, Yaba ─ all in Lagos.

He earned a bachelor of law from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, in 1986 and a master of law from the University of Lagos in 1990.

Although eloquent, Shasore has hardly been making public statements or organising political meetings despite the season.

femi hamzat
Hamzat, Fashola’s Plan B

  1. Well put together. But is Fashola’s legacy actually the best Lagos can aspire to have? If you ask me I would say his achievements are only average. Not excellent by any means

    1. I’m sure you’re a teenager if not I would ask you to compare Lagos of 2007 with Lagos of 2014. The difference is clear. Now go and read for your WAEC before your daddy catches you playing with computer

    2. Crusoe, what bench mark do you use to compare BRF’s performance? I’m just saying you should make submissions based on facts!

      1. His performances are on the average—–not too good——-I have been around lagos enough in recent times to know the man Fashola was made by the media in lagos-period

        1. I disagree with you. Tinubu did well and Fashola has topped that. I have seen Lagos make giant strides in many sectors since 1999, though I would say much still needs to be done to have the Lagos of our dreams. Before you say I am naive or whatever, I have lived on 2 continents and they only continent I have not visited is South America.

    3. May be Crusoe is looking at the massive infrastructural development and dividend of democracy in Aka Ibom as delivered by noiseless Godswil Akpabio in comparative with Gov BRF of Lagos State….Just thinking…..

      1. It may be helpful information that Akwa Ibom is in debt about 4 times Lagos state. The Figure is around N600 Billion. No, you can’t compare Akpabio with Fashola sir, no. Akpabio has done well for his people, but Mr. Fashola is a cut above his peers. And Akpabio is not noiseless by the way, he just happens not to be in Lagos where the media channels are concentrated.

        1. average performance not too good. people are deceived by good work in the area of environment. other areas not well handled. for his party BRF is the best to choose his successor if there is anything like that in democracy.

    1. I think it’s good that fashola brought someone he believes in and I think seashore will do a good work that fashola has started

  2. His performances are on the average—–not too good——-I have been around lagos enough in recent times to know the man Fashola was made by the media in lagos-period

  3. I hope the guy has a bigger foot to size in a big shoe Fashola is leaving behind? I hope too that this arrangement is not the type of Parapo paddy paddy that is killing the Ruling party? Eko O ni baje o.

  4. Successor or no successor who ever will be there should aspire to do the right thing not all this political hullababoo. Quote and unquote all politicians in this country are failure.

  5. This is a good thing from the governor …… If this can continue like this …. We would be moving forward In this country

  6. Mr. Shasore’s work looks good and we need to understand that Fashola is one of the best governors any state has had so a decision to pick a successor to continue is good work is not only considerate but applaudable. Eko o ni baje

  7. We need people in civil service to governor us whether on the federal or state level. BRF is in the best position to pick the next governor and not Tinubu if ever someone should pick

  8. Can a successor be groomed in 4 or 8 years, in politics? Nigeria oh. Fashola’s pick does seem like a good pick, experience and putting his patience to leave politic office so he could return as governor. Politically intrigues! let’s see how it plays

  9. It okay …… The guy is going to continue from where fashola stopped …..Which is a good thing for Lagos moving forward

  10. I’m quite confident in this guy, and I’m sure the Femi Okonnu’s of this world have vetted him. If we cast our minds back to when Bola Tinubu Picked BRF, there were doubts that he’ll be a good Governor, but I’m sure he has cleared all those doubts. The man has a great profile and I’m sure he will continue the Good work BRF has started and Lagos will be for the better.

  11. I m from Akwa Ibom but I live in Lagos. U cannot compare what BRF has done and what Akpabio has done. Lagos is definitely more difficult to administer due to the cosmopolitan nature of the state. Also in terms of expenditure of funds. Lagos depends in most part on internally generated funds, while Akwa Ibom has access to oil money. This is however not to down play what Akpabio hs done. I m very sure that If BRF had access to oil revenues like Akpabio, I can bet you he would hve done much better.

  12. i think this is quite good for the politic of the state and most importantly the economic development of the nation at large.

  13. I praise Fashola for his numerous achievements which are sterling legacies for all to see, but I think he should defer to Tinubu and allow Ambode emerge as the APC candidate. Ambode has what it takes and I believe that Fashola’s legacies will be kept on by Ambode, there is no need for a scramble in the APC, the PDP must notbeallowed to capturethe state

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