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VIDEO: Nnamdi Kanu preached ‘one Nigeria’ during Jonathan’s administration

VIDEO: Nnamdi Kanu preached ‘one Nigeria’ during Jonathan’s administration
September 10
10:54 2017

A few years ago, before Nnamdi Kanu started championing the breakaway of the south-east region, before the clamour for Biafra became his sole agenda, he was an advocate of a united Nigeria.

At the time, Goodluck Jonathan was the president of Nigeria and Kanu was based in London, UK.

In this video of a protest held by Nigerians in London against the Boko Haram insurgency, Kanu can be seen condemning those who were “determined to tear the country apart”.

Kanu had said: “We are protesting about the killing of families by people who are determined to tear the country apart and it is not something we support, it is not something we would like to see continue.

“If that continues, it will lead to a violent disintegration of the country, there will be no more Nigeria for anyone to go to. There will be no Nigeria for anyone to refer to. We cannot allow this nonsense to continue so something must be done.

“The only thing the terrorists can accomplish is the break up of Nigeria.”

Some officials of the Buhari administration have alleged in the past that Kanu’s secession movement started after Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential election.


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  1. samaon
    samaon September 10, 12:32

    What a coward go get ur self a job living a council flat in London. Attention seeker, Mr Biafra, Mr one Nigeria

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  2. JC
    JC September 10, 15:11

    The man is just an opportunist. the true face of KANU.
    Political Orphan.
    Biafra is a smoke screen.
    The guy is hungry for power.

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  3. Benogor
    Benogor September 10, 17:50

    @Marcel, it is obvious you are being economical with truth. Anybody that listens to that video, even if the person is in kindergaten, understand fully well that Kanu was preaching about terrorism and also against the breakup of Nigeria. Listen carefully and I quote him ” what the terrorist are doing will only lead to the breakup of Nigeria and we do not want that”. What is your own understanding of that? He simply does not want Nigeria to breakup. I will continue to maintain that IPOB asking for Biafra now is politically motivated wheather anybody likes it or not. I do believe that we want a restructured Nigeria where all the region will be treated equally and have a sense of belonging but NOT the dismemberment or breakup of Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria.

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  4. pero
    pero September 10, 20:28

    why are afraid disintegration in this country.

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  5. Chukwujindu
    Chukwujindu September 10, 21:33

    Kanu said “If this continues….then” And terrorism and the killing of our people as Nigerians has continued. The result will be a breakup of Nigeria leading to the Biafra Republic.

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  6. ADE
    ADE September 11, 03:02

    Your comment..As far as.I am concerned Kanu is not helping matters. Igbo elders and other responsible igbo men are aware of this.He”s starting a battle that he cannot finish whether he is being used or not.Our resources are in the hands of very few Nigerians irrespective of our tribal leanings . how do we stop it for proper distribution should be the question

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    • johnnybest
      johnnybest September 13, 20:44

      Your comment..Those politicians in Biafra land who are sabotaging Biafra’s restoration shd have a rethink or else ruin their future. Biafra’s restoration is a MUST

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  7. elder
    elder September 17, 19:11

    For the first time, I am seeing the political angle of the ipob agitation. But at what expense? how many human lives is worth a political score with the government of the day?

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