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VIDEO: The air strike that ‘destroyed’ Boko Haram at night

VIDEO: The air strike that ‘destroyed’ Boko Haram at night
August 31
20:52 2016

The Nigeria air force has released a video of its destruction of a Boko Haram camp in northern Borno via an air strike on Sunday.


On Tuesday, Ayodele Famuyiwa, air force spokesman, had announced that the force successfully destroyed a new Boko Haram camp located between Malam Fatori and Kangarwa in northern Borno, during a night operation.

“The new camp is about 4-6km away from the BHT location attacked earlier on 20 August 2016 by NAF Mi-17 helicopter within the same vicinity in a similar night operation that led to the death of about 300 insurgents,” he had said.

“The post-strike battle damage assessment (BDA) mission had revealed that surviving BHTs converged at the new location.”


On Wednesday, the air force followed that statement up by releasing a one-minute-32-second video of the night raid.


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  1. jaafar
    jaafar September 01, 09:37

    Your comment..that’s great , well done to our galant military we will continue praying for you. you have unready succeeded on your mission nigeria backward never forwad ever!

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