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We may return to the streets, #EndSARS protesters tell Enugu govt

We may return to the streets, #EndSARS protesters tell Enugu govt
October 29
22:24 2020

 A coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Enugu state says #EndSARS protesters will return to the streets soon if the government fails to meet their demands.

Addressing journalists on behalf of the 14 CSOs Onyinye Mamah, executive director, Heroine Women Foundation, said no date has been fixed for the commencement of new rounds of protests.

She also said as soon as the curfew declared by the government is lifted and as soon as the panel of inquiries set up over allegations of police brutality completes their job, the protests would erupt again.

“If the government meets the demands of the protest, there will be no need for more protests. We want peace. Violence cannot achieve anything. The government should be open to us,” she said.


“We would have achieved a lot if violence had not crept into the protest. We’ll not destroy a society we are trying to build. I implore us to ensure peace.

“I appeal to us to be calm over what we are clamouring for. This is a call for a peaceful protest because we are going to continue but we are not going to do it like hoodlums. It is a call for a peaceful protest.

“We wanted to achieve reform. If we lose one person, we lost. We must die well, old, and in peace not in violence, social disruption or anarchy or as a result of a failed government.


“Violence has never given any good result. If we had continued just the way we started, we would have achieved a lot. Now, we have socially disrupted the same nation we have been struggling to build.”

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  1. Pureheart
    Pureheart November 01, 20:40

    Remember, it was going to steal for a second time that killed the rat.

    Stay away from trouble.
    He who have ears let him hear

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