Blessing Egbe: Why I am starting a streaming site with my movie

Blessing Egbe, producer/director of award-winning TV series, Lekki Wives, is set to blaze the trail by releasing her upcoming movie, One Room, and the first series of another TV series, This Thing Called Marriage, on a new movie-streaming site,

She explains her motives in this interview:

You will be releasing your latest movie, One Room, in the next couple of days. There is news that you are going to release straight online, what motivated this decision?

Three things did. The first is the need to bridge the gap and go straight to the fans who always long to be carried along. Often times, when we release films in the cinemas, movie fans from all over the world are kept in the dark for a while until Nigeria and Ghana cinema run out.


Second is  the need to gain back the freedom of expression. Without knowing it, film makers have gradually relegated their expressive powers to the distributors and broadcasters who now, to an extent, control the output of work being produced and released. They dictate to some producers what genre of film to shoot, what production elements and trendy habits to imbibe. Some TV networks have asked some producers to make films a certain way. If we continue to let this happen, we will be too boxed as creative people that nothing will make sense any more.

We will be making films to conform to the listings of these dictators and lose our sense of artistry…not all films have to be comedy for goodness sake! All films do not have to be about an actor who talks or walks funny. Allow the creative people make films and provide an equal playing field for all.

My last film, Iquo’s Journal, did not see the light of day because it was considered an advocacy film. A movie that educates, informs and entertains was literally tossed out and given only four screens because it was considered advocacy and termed ‘it will not sell’ during consideration.  Most people who have watched Iquo’s Journal will tell you it was adjudged wrong and was not given a fair chance.


Lastly, producers want to be empowered. We want to own our own market. Be in control of our work and how we create. Most of all, we want to earn a good percentage of what comes in. It is not encouraging that film makers do all the work of pre- production, principal photography, post production and marketing but only take home between 30 and 35percent. E no good. Na we get the film!

A scene from ‘This Thing called Marriage’


So what does the idea of online releases of creative production portend for the distribution in the entertainment industry?

Like I said earlier, producers will be able to break free and think outside the by-force-follow-the-selling-film-trend box. We have talented film makers who can thrive in different genres. If we have a place of release, we will break free. No more bleeps in between an actor’s sentence. No more soliciting and queuing for months to get your film looked at, talk less of getting a good deal when eventually bought.


There is an audience for every type of film. Allow us experiment. Allow us earn more. Na we do the film o! If this online release works, it means people can no longer hold us down, it means we can create anything and anyhow we want and be sure that we would have an outlet. It also has the potential of saving us from the terror of pirates. We can begin to hope to reap where we sow. This is what I trust God that we will achieve was we release after our premiere on June 17.

This your new movie, One Room, what is it about?

In a nutshell, One Room is a about love, addiction, power, money, self-control and self-realization. It is about a married couple in dire need of different things at the same time.

What about This thing Called Marriage, what is the gist?


This Thing Called Marriage will shadow the line of Lekki Wives and expose the behind-the-scenes of a supposed beautiful exterior. The things that go on in marriage, my brother, we need to bring to the fore and share the fun/downside.

You seem to have thematic concerns revolving around marriage and the home, why is that so?


I do, don’t I? But I no come know again ohWithout knowing it, I fit be marriage counsellor like play like play ooo and  who knows, this may be the medium God has chosen for me to use and spread the word. I tend to lean towards love, marriage and the home. From Before the Vow done in 2005, After the Vow 2006, Two Brides and a Baby 2011, Lekki Wives 2013-2015, This Thing Called Marriage 2015 and now One Room. What a trend! It is true what they say, after all, find your path and stay true to it.  Perhaps this is my path to follow. So help me God!

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