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Wike: Security, economy… everything has collapsed in Nigeria

Wike: Security, economy… everything has collapsed in Nigeria
December 24
12:26 2020

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state, says everything, including security and the economy, has collapsed in Nigeria.


Wike, who spoke during the inauguration of the Woji Road, and Obagi Road at GRA Phase 2, Obio Akpor local government area of the state, said the All Progressive Congress (APC) must own up to its failure in governance.

The governor said nothing is working under the administration of the ruling party and that the APC should take responsibility for the insecurity challenges being faced in the country.

“I hear the Progressives Governors Forum saying that there is insecurity. Who is responsible? They should come out openly and say that the party in power has failed. Nigerians gave a mandate to APC at the Federal Government level and therefore, they must own up that they have failed Nigerians,” he said.


“Everything has collapsed in the country. Security has collapsed. The economy has collapsed. There is nothing working in the country. Today, all over Nigeria, there is insecurity everywhere.

“The other day, in Katsina state, they took about 400. The next day, they said they took 84. Now again they said they’ve taken a village head, the wife, and 14 people in Katsina state.

“When there was a problem in this state about the level of kidnapping, I shouted but nobody listened to us. They said it was politics and that we were killing APC people.


“I said when you introduce politics to security the consequences will be great. Now, it is everywhere. Until they come to apologize to Rivers state that they are sorry for what they have done to us, then God will forgive all of them.”

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  1. Andy
    Andy December 24, 14:33

    I sincerely pray that Gov. Wike would not make the same mistake Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi made about ten years ago. History is funny, it has a cunning way of repeating itself. Wike tends to speak truth to power but it is not always a wise man does that. Recall that Amaechi at the height of his political career, was Rivers State and Rivers State was equally him. He determined who coughed and who cried. He had the powers but also the mouth. He literally, spoke sometimes before thinking. That was the problem!

    I insist that but for his miscalculated challenge to the Jonathans, he would have effortlessly installed his successor who wouldn’t have been Wike. Yes, Rotimi is core member of APC but sadly, he sits at the corridor and not in the Parlor of powers of the party. He is ‘managing’ there, when he ought to be in charge of the South South politics if he had still been in PDP.

    Wike, is about making the same mistakes as his cousin and friend. He speaks without looking side ways or cares about who is listening. They say because he controls PDP and wants to run for the VP position along side his friend Tambulwa of Sokoto State. That is where the problem is!

    I pray, history should not repeat itself again in Rivers State, not with Gov. Wike the brave and mighty.

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