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Yoruba group to Obasanjo: Avoid Igboho’s matter, stand for united Nigeria

Yoruba group to Obasanjo: Avoid Igboho’s matter, stand for united Nigeria
August 10
06:37 2021

Yoruba for One Nigeria Forum (YONF), a socio-cultural group, has asked former President Olusegun Obasanjo to clear his name over the report that he is lobbying Benin Republic to shield Sunday Adeyemo better known as Igboho from facing prosecution.

The group in a statement titled, ‘Olusegun Obasanjo is the greatest beneficiary of Nigeria’s Unity’ and signed by Seun Adebayo Lawal, its national president, said the call became necessary in view of the significant benefits the former president and Yoruba nation as a whole have gained from a united Nigeria.

“The attention of our organisation has been drawn to media reports that former President Olusegun Obasanjo has embarked on a mission in Benin Republic to shield Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Igboho, who is currently facing multiple criminal charges in the country and on DSS wanted list in Nigeria from being prosecuted. Recall that the self-styled violent agitator has been on the run following his invitation by the Department of State Services,” the group said.

“While we hope that this unpatriotic move is not true, we expect the former President to issue a clear statement on the allegations to inform Nigerians of his position. This is important because of the imminent misconceptions his silence is generating on this matter. It is our position as a native Yoruba indigenous organisation that the alleged move by Obasanjo needs to be censored so as to set records straight for posterity and history.


“The Nigerian history, in its present form has recorded the Yoruba nation as the greatest beneficiaries of Nigeria’s unity since independence. Ironically former President Olusegun Obasanjo is a Yoruba man who has benefited the most from whatever gains Nigeria made of her unity. Obasanjo is the only Nigerian of pure Yoruba descent who has ever ruled this country under the military and civilian dispensations. What more could Nigeria have offered to him or the Yoruba nation? What dues were deserving of the Yoruba nation that Obasanjo could not make up during his time as Head of State and President? He does not need to be reminded of the role Nigeria’s unity played in his rise, both as a military and civilian President thus, the least he owes this nation is to preach peace, promote and advocate for a one united and indissoluble Nigeria.

“If Obasanjo is desirous of creating a sustainable and one united Nigeria, he should utilise his international contacts in the overall benefit of the Nigerian State and its people. Any attempt by Obasanjo or any group to scuttle legitimate efforts by the Nigerian government to ensure that Igboho faces justice would not be forgiven by patriotic Nigerians. The resistance of such moves, no matter how clandestine will be equally resisted by the Nigerian people.”

The group added that “as a Yoruba indigenous group, we will not look the other way when those who have exploited the most of Nigeria’s unity turn to sabotage government peace efforts. We call on former President Olusegun Obasanjo to utilise his international privileges to champion the unity of this country. After all, he got those privileges from the benevolence of Nigeria’s unity”.


“It is perhaps too late for any individual in the echelon of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to contemplate a divided Nigeria at this moment. We must therefore make this Clarion call to all Yoruba indigenous people to show solidarity with the Nigerian government to achieve the long-desired hope of one Nigeria built on unity, peace and progress,” it said.


  1. Fredrick Fadipe
    Fredrick Fadipe August 10, 09:01

    Fake Yoruba group that is non existing.

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  2. Akin
    Akin August 10, 09:34

    What faceless organization is this?
    Show your face so we can identify your paymasters

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    • Tunji
      Tunji August 10, 12:18

      What ever may be the sins of igboho he has not been convicted yet. Igboho is a man who is being hounded for promoting the cause of his tribe. There is nothing wrong with Obasanjo giving igboho moral support. This shadowy group should direct their criticism at buhari. The entire Nigerian government money is being used to look after one man buhari. Most Nigerians cannot afford to pay for paracetamol. All that Buhari has been doing since becoming president is to look after his health in London. Meanwhile Nigeria can rot and decay, does Buhari care?

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    • TheMade
      TheMade August 10, 12:23

      Your folly is in the open. Yorubas cannot succumb to your empty propaganda.

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      • FADEY
        FADEY August 10, 13:39

        They should identify themselves if they are not fake or not working for a failed nation .

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    • Joseph
      Joseph August 10, 15:09

      What manner of yoruba group is this? Posterity will not be kind to them if they think yorubaland can be overrun while those brave enough to say ” cease and desist ” are being hunted like rats while at the same time those killing, maiming, raping and burning our ancestral villages are roaing free

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  3. Tunji
    Tunji August 10, 11:33

    Useless group

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  4. Spinal
    Spinal August 10, 12:11

    Yoruba for one Nigeria ,who are their members and what are the names of the executives , and what is their track record in the social or political scape of the Yoruba’s over the time, should stop giving impression of not being worthy of reliable information or news. Any body should just be using a kind of medium like this without means of identity, except its your in house corresponds that forming the organization for the bases this stories to cook up something from no where.

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  5. Merade
    Merade August 10, 13:16

    Seun Adebayo Lawal, – can you show your face?
    You are a not a true son of the soil.
    Your useless group should hold a public meeting so we can see the traitors in our ọmọ Oduduwa.

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  6. Leyemoses
    Leyemoses August 10, 14:52

    This group are the greatest enemy of Yoruba unity and I don’t believe this is coming out from a Yoruba well trained people, categorically I can say this comments are not from any well trained Yoruba person. You can calf any name for your group, but please don’t pitch us against each other, rather direct your comments to the President of Fulanis who know the truth but failed to establish it. As for united Nigeria there is no Nigeria anywhere any more until truth is being set appropriately. Right now the only problem we have is that no one is ready to say the truth for fear of being hunt after. The only person who came out to tell this administration the truth is the person the DSS is try to eliminate. But let it be known by every Nigerian that whoever tells the truth will die and you that is hidden behind lies will also die, this is one common thing to all the living.

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  7. Ajide
    Ajide August 10, 18:05

    You will do good to let all original sons and daughters of Yoruba see your faces and where your ancestors came from. Failure to show or unveil your identities will pass you as faceless. Only atohunrinwa will oppose the development of Yoruba at this time

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  8. Gbaje
    Gbaje August 10, 21:49

    This joker is truly shameless!! I just read another article that Musa Adamu, aka Mala Musa Abuja Boko Harem’s bomb maker and his assistant has surrendered to the Nigerian army and they are being rehabilitated back into Nigerian society… What crime is more horrendous then making bombs for a terrorist organization? it’s when southern folks question the structure of the Nigerian state that we start speaking of solidarity!! Go back under the rock you crawled out from! The greatest threat to the Nigerian state isnt Igbo or Yoruba secessionist’s…It is Northern hegemony!!

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    • Babs
      Babs August 11, 02:39

      Thank you very much. The group if at all it exists is shameless and useless! Seun Lawal… whoever he may be should bury his head in shame! I am for self determination of the Yoruba and this is a protected right under international law.

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