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You can now suspend your DStv subscription when you travel

You can now suspend your DStv subscription when you travel
September 21
22:29 2016

MultiChoice Nigeria, leading video entertainment provider responsible for DStv, says Nigerians can now suspend their subscription while they are away from home.

MultiChoice Nigeria said the new package is in line with its commitment to better service delivery for all its subscribers.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the company said greater attention is being paid to issues affecting subscribers’ enjoyment of DStv services.

Notable among these are signal loss, subscription payment and reconnection, customer care services, Free-to-Air channels and hardware related issues.

The company explained that customers now have the option of suspending their accounts while they are away from home.

It said this will be upon request and a 48-hour notice that the account be suspended for a fixed period between seven to 14 days twice yearly.

“We put our customers first at all times and hold them in high very esteem,” the statement read.

“We are committed to delivering world-class service to our customers and proud to say we are the first video entertainment company to implement new subscriber initiatives requested by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

“Over the past year, we have worked closely with the CPC to identify our customers’ areas of need and made a commitment towards implementing solutions that will resonate with our customers and lead to improved service.”

On the issue of customer care services, MultiChoice explained that the call centre hours have been extended to accommodate more queries.

“Call centre operating hours are now 8am to 9pm on Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays. In addition, toll free numbers have been introduced on major network providers”, MultiChoice stated.

“The toll free lines are 09090630333 for Etisalat, 07080630333 for Airtel, 08113630333 for Glo and 08149860333 for MTN. This means that customers’ calls to the call centre are toll free when they call the corresponding numbers of their mobile network.”

Other subscriber-focused initiatives, the company added, include access to free-to-air channels at the expiration of subscription and upon the payment of a nominal fee, improved content on its mid-level offering, DStv Compact, providing greater value to subscribers.

In addition, from time to time, the company opens premium content on the higher bouquets for an entire week to DStv subscribers, irrespective of their subscription status.


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  1. Mrvicsings
    Mrvicsings September 22, 07:40

    That’s good news .. Hope it’s that easy to pull through.

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  2. Almusaddiq
    Almusaddiq September 22, 11:39

    The way you are exploiting your customers in Nigeria is to bad.what we want is pay per view.#changeBiginsWithMe.DSTV

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  3. aji4love2003
    aji4love2003 September 22, 17:07

    Nothing to celebrate about yet, they should make it pay as you view.

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  4. Jenny
    Jenny September 22, 18:31

    We are not satisfied yet they should make it pay as u view.

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  5. MacFarlance
    MacFarlance September 22, 18:45

    There is nothing to be happy about here. You make so much money in Nigeria without any installation, no free to air channels and complete monopoly.
    Why not pay as you watch? You guys are lucky our corruption law makers are busy sharing tax payer money and fighting over padding Budget instead of making laws to easy this extortion by DSTV. No thanks to you offer . what we want is pay as you View period!

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  6. David
    David September 22, 21:59

    It should be pay as you view just like the way Glo, MTN, Airtel and others operates. So this development is not welcome atal.

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  7. Paul
    Paul September 23, 04:32

    I guess MultiChoice thinks they’ve done something fantastic. I laugh. They should implement ‘pay per view’ just like the GSM networks.

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  8. SHEXY
    SHEXY September 23, 08:52

    yea ,this is ok & encouraging but i think pay as you go is better.bcos some people are away for 3 months every year.

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  9. zeze
    zeze September 23, 09:09

    U ppl (Dstv) should do pay as u go or view,just like they do in South Africa and other African countries.

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  10. Lafolai
    Lafolai September 23, 13:39

    This is an improvement from DSTV , I personally appreciate their effort. About the pay as you go soon they will be there.

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  11. Decibel
    Decibel September 23, 15:42

    your effort is appreciated but i want to pay only when i watch i.e my decoder is on. for now i am wasting my resources.

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  12. Mayor
    Mayor September 23, 20:56

    Dstv/Multichoice are fooling themselves. What stops them from been like Sky Sports UK who comfortably do pay per view.

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  13. Moses
    Moses September 24, 07:40

    Multichoice should introduce pay as you go. That is what Nigerians need.

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  14. Great Above
    Great Above September 24, 07:45

    What we want is pay per view there is nothing like suspending ur subscription. And to make matters worse you will give them 48hrs and it’s twice a year. Its better they way we are than this unfavourable offer.

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  15. AY
    AY September 24, 21:52

    As far as I am concern that is not good enough. For crying out loud Nigerians are just struggling to survive now and not to keep paying for services that they don’t enjoy equal value for their money. DSTV wake up to reality if not you will continue to lose your customers the way you lost me and pls warn your customer care agent to stop disturbing my lines with calls. I AM NO LONG INTERESTED, I have since found your alternative. Thank you.

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  16. Kenny
    Kenny November 04, 14:01

    You put my view on dish for over two weeks despite the fact that I still have valid subscription. Pls advice on what to do to restore normal view and to reclaim lost days. Call to Centre in Abeokuta Ogun State proove abortive

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  17. 9nice
    9nice November 09, 18:42

    Nigeria is a country were corruption is welcome with both hands how can dstv come to Nigeria and they are extorting us and the so called lawmakers are there watching after they will say they are there because of us. south Africa is using pay as u view but here in Nigeria even when you don’t watch your money still reads. please give dis extortion another name until we Nigerian wake up from our slumber dis will still continue

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  18. Oracle
    Oracle June 07, 12:50

    Good, but am yet to see any reduction in subscription on any of your bouquet.

    I have been trying to contact your costumer care for a week now to no avail. I am on the compact bouquet but me Supersport channels 11 & 12 were blocked and some entertainment channels. Please do help to rectify this. Thanks. 41291727851

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  19. Starrex
    Starrex July 26, 17:42

    It is way too bad that you are not allowed to enjoy just a channel when your subscription expires. It should be pay as you go or view. Cause most times the network is bad and you experience loss of signal yet you pay for all. Dstv is not being fair to us Nigerians.

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  20. akoto
    akoto August 30, 12:55

    please i went to stop my dstv account ,my account no 71043816 and my mob,0263030899 or 0576459441 .thanks. my e mail is block that is why i did not put . and also my two sim is lose so u can call 0268666411

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  21. Basket Mouth
    Basket Mouth September 20, 09:42

    As far as am concerned, this modus is an insult to innocent Nigerians who patronises Multichoice (MC). Soon a Sitelite TV that will instal the ‘pay as you watch’ plan will come and MC will be HISTORY in Nigeria.

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  22. Grant
    Grant September 29, 19:53

    I have tried this several times with no luck.

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