You won’t be spared, police warn ballot snatchers in Bayelsa, Kogi

You won’t be spared, police warn ballot snatchers in Bayelsa, Kogi
November 14
19:15 2019

The police have vowed not to spare anyone who snatches ballot materials during Saturday’s election in Kogi and Bayelsa states.

AbdulMajeed Ali, deputy inspector general of police, operations, gave the warning at a press conference, on Thursday.

He said anyone caught in such act will not live to repeat such action.

“Anyone caught will not be spared and will not live to do that ever again,” he said.


The DIG, who is in charge of the elections, said the force has deployed adequate personnel to create a peaceful atmosphere for the people of Bayelsa and Kogi to exercise their franchise.

He said the police will prevent a repetition of previous cases of violence during the elections in both states.

“We have enough personnel and capacity to deal with anyone that tried to foment trouble on Saturday. Just watch, if anyone tries to snatch ballot box on Saturday, he will pay dearly for it,” he said.


“We are determined to provide the enabling environment for a peaceful election. We are tired of being held to ransom by Kogi and Bayelsa States every election  period, we will put a stop to that this time around.”

Ali provided hotlines for members of the public to aid communication with the force during the polls.

He said the force had conducted security surveillance of several areas in both states, adding that the outcome of the activity influenced the deployment of its personnel.

“The outcome of this intelligence-driven initiative guided our election deployment plans and informed our post-election security projections,” he said.


“For any complaints, members of the public are urged to reach the Kogi State’s Joint Operation Room on 08066002020, 08065948693 and 08151532944; and Bayelsa State’s Joint Operation Room on 07034578208 and 09055555803.”

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    Sashal Toii November 14, 22:52

    Are they going to stick to their words??

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