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YOUR VERDICT: Horn-free Lagos ‘not possible’

YOUR VERDICT: Horn-free Lagos ‘not possible’
September 17
11:35 2014

It is a little under a month before Lagos state observes its inaugural horn-free day (October 15), which commissioner for transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, recently announced would become an annual ritual.

But are the people who are to withhold their horns on that day aware of it at all? And do they believe in the possibility of Lagos someday becoming horn-free?

This vox populi reveals their thoughts:

I have not heard anything about not using horn on any day, but I know it’s not possible for me as a motorcyclist not to use horn in a day, it’s impossible.

Musa is a Motorcyclist along Ojota-Ogudu Axis

It is not possible at all. I say this because, with my experience, some Lagosians are deaf. If you don’t honk, some of them won’t know that a car is coming, and they won’t give way.

Afolabi, BRT driver plying Mile 12-Fadeyi-TBS

I have not heard anything about a horn-free day, and I don’t think it is true. I’m just getting to hear that from you for the first time. Why would the government want to do that? It’s outright impossible. I don’t believe what you are saying is true; you can ask my colleagues.

Odusola, an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)

Horn-Free 3

I have not heard of such and I think it’s impossible in this Lagos. How would that be achieved? What would be the justification? Would we be arresting people using their horn for safety reasons? I don’t think it’s necessary or possible.

Anonymous LASTMA official

I have not heard anything about it, maybe because my car radio has not been working for some time now. I think it is possible. If the government releases a circular that goes round the parks and makes sure all drivers are aware, then it can be possible. It would be difficult to abide by such requirement but, it’s not impossible.

Jimoh, cab driver at Ojota inter-state park

It is not possible. Lagos is a highly-populated area, and a lot of persons are involved in one commercial activity or the other, so drivers need to make use of their horn in creating awareness. A horn-free Lagos is nothing but a mirage.

Mohammed, student of Lagos State University (LASU)

I have not heard anything of such, and why would anyone tell me not to use my horn? I don’t really use it for the reasons why drivers use it; I use it to sell my product; it’s an advert tool for me. I even use it to make rhythms (he demonstrates it); it helps my product sell fast. I can’t do without it. I think it’s impossible to have a horn free day in Lagos.

Chuks, fanmilk vendor who uses rubber horn

No way; it can’t work.

Ojo Ibironke, Obafemi Awolowo University alumna resident in Lagos

Horn-Free 2

It can work in Lagos. Though I have not heard of anything of such, I sincerely think it is possible. For example, my horn has not been working for a few days now, and I have done without it. I have had to be very careful on the road, but I have been doing it well. Many of us just play with it when driving; we don’t necessarily honk for road reasons. Lagosians can do the same if we can be very careful.

Sunday, motorcyclist

[Laughs] you know the answer to the question, so why ask me? Are they saying in some specific places or in the entire Lagos? If it is the entire Lagos, then it’s impossible. You know by law, you are not allowed to use your horn in some places. But in Lagos, you have so many people running their businesses on the road, and you have to honk when you’re passing to make awareness for them to leave the road. Take Oshodi for example, how would you say a driver should not use his horn? I think this is largely impossible.

Policeman, anonymous

Yes, it is possible as far as Lagos is concerned; there are numerous ways a driver can communicate while driving without making use of the horn.

Oladipupo Ajayi, Ikeja


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  1. Ade
    Ade September 19, 16:24

    How do you mean ‘not possible’? Horn hooting is gradually becoming a malady in Nigeria. Motorists blare horn this day even when no car is ahead of them and none by their side, if not for anything, but just for the fun of it. I once drove for close to three weeks and I never hoot my horn a bit. You think it was impossible? But I did just that! It is a question of mind and determination. After all car horn doesn’t chase ghost away!

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