Alia inaugrates two commissions to probe Ortom’s administration

Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue state Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue state

Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue, has inaugurated two commissions to probe  management of the state’s resources and assets by the immediate former administration led by Samuel Ortom.

The two panels are the judicial commission of inquiry into the income and expenditure of Benue state government (from May 29, 2015, to May 28, 2023), and the judicial commission of inquiry into the sale/lease of government assets, companies and markets (both state and local government owned markets), as well as moribund companies (from or before May 28, 2015 to May 28th, 2023).

Speaking during the inaugration of the commissions on Tuesday, Alia said it is necessary to set-up the panels to look into the activities of the previous administration.

He adding that the move is in response to the desire of the people of the state, who are the major stakeholders and owners of the resources.


“These commissions are not merely bureaucratic endeavors; they are our response to the earnest desires and hopes of the good people of Benue, who are rightfully critical stakeholders and owners of our dear state and its resources,” the governor said.

“The future prosperity of Benue hinges on the prudent and judicious management of our resources.

“As we usher in a new era characterized by prioritizing the welfare of our people, it is imperative and quite incumbent upon us to ensure that every naira expended serves the collective interest and propels the growth and development of our state.


“The responsible stewardship of government resources bears a direct correlation to the well-being of our people.

“Adequate allocation to vital sectors such as the economy, agriculture, education, security, healthcare, and infrastructure uplifts the standard of living, while any mismanagement jeopardizes our collective progress.”

The governor urged the commissions to recognise the gravity of their mandate.

He noted that his administratiom is committed to the principles of accountability, transparency, and good governance to safeguard the interests of the people of the state.


The commissions have been separately tasked to look into how the Paris Club refunds were expended; look into the loans procured by the state during the period in question and report on how such loans were used.

The commissions are expected to complete their assignment and submit their reports to the Benue government in six months.

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