‘Biafra is your source of income’ — Asari Dokubo tackles Nnamdi Kanu over ‘N20m gift’

Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), has accused Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), of turning the Biafran struggle into a business.

Dokubo, who made the allegation in a new video, accused Kanu of diverting funds meant for the Biafran struggle.

Both activists have been at loggerheads with each other over the quest for Biafra — the very cause that unites them.

The cold war between them resulted in the formation of the Biafra Customary Government (BCG) which Dokubo announced in March, with himself as the head.


In the video, he accused Kanu of failing to account for some funds donated for the quest for Biafra.

“They are now telling us India, Russia etc. This is how they audit accounts. This is what Biafra will look like under the criminal Nnamdi Kanu,” he said. 

“They claim that they brought money to Cotonou to give to me — N20 million. We are waiting for them to bring the evidence. They came to Cotonou to meet with me and I hosted them. They did not bring a dime.


“How is that an audited account? Why do Igbo people allow you, a conman, to be conning them? Igbos, you have to rise. He wants to destroy Onyeama. He wants to destroy Ekweremadu. He wants to destroy everybody and the Igbo people are keeping quiet.

“Biafra is your business now, you have no other avenue for gainful income. It is a pity how Igbo people have fallen for this evil, but your time is up.”

He further told Kanu that the offence the IPOB leader committed will be his nemesis, adding: “I am out for you. And I will get you.”

“I just asked that our people be allowed to vote and you sent your dogs. I’ve broken their teeth,” he said.


“Nnamdi Kanu, I’m not in your category but for this, I will surely bring you down. I will destroy this evil empire that is working as a hindrance to the restoration of Biafra.”

  1. Ha ha ha, isn’t Nigeria Buhari’s source of income? What other business has he? Including every other politicians.
    If you have evidence, show us. By trying to pull someone down, it means you’re down already. Strong people don’t bring others down. They pull you up.

  2. Please Asari, I still admire you and your effort but stop the smear game to our detriment. It is not progressing our agitation but retarding the cause. Remember you are a great man of our people, please remain great as you are known of, please find a common ground with MNK it has been too long ago now and is not helping our agitation. Please turn our table around to suit us we ask for a better future and better understanding, sir, your fellow Biafran.

      1. Please do not condemn or praise because you do not have any evidence for or against these claims.
        Just advise Asari to let the sleeping dovs lie.
        This is not the time to aportion blames.
        Let’s fight the struggle to a successful end

    1. This over-fed baby elephant has contradicted himself. Earlier he claimed the N20m from IPOB was to cover the feeding and hosting of IPOB men whom he claimed came for training. He never denied that before. Now he’s denying it because it wasnt paid through bank teller hence no evidence. Can I ask for teller if am handing over N20m cash to a fellow activist in his house? Was Kanu buying land from Asari? It was a brotherly trust which he has broken. Since he declared Biafra Customary Government, how far? Who and who are running the BCG and what’s their flag, coats of arm, currency,secretariat,? He’s just a noisy neighbour 🤣

    2. Great Dokubo, my mind is telling me something, I don’t want to believe it. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

    3. Is it because he’s not Igbo that makes him a liar?
      I too have always thought Nnamdi isn’t carrying our interest at heart.

  3. Being together as one in peace and joy as one Nigerians that we are still struggling to get electricity drinking water good road and also good economy is this not better to look for a salutations to this problems then to separate,
    Not to separate like a south sudan after all then we back and start frighten ourselves destroying all the little we get send all our people to Bush for rescue, think very well before doing everything,

  4. Asari , you are getting it wrong , why this war against MNK. would it progress us . Find a way to build and support rather than destroy .

  5. See me see troble o. Have the Igbos Nnamdi is “conning” complaining? You nor be Igbo, na ya mama be Igbo. Ya papa backyard still dey jagajaga. Years ago you promise to fix am through militancy. Instead of Niger Delta region to better, yu dey make billions and yu dey build schools outside ya people land! So,tell me, how Niger Delta go take better? Make unu drive am commot from Biafraland o.

  6. You’re a useless man, how can you said that, don’t worry, when BIAFRA comes, you will surely go down nonsense, saboteur like you, MAAZI NNAMDI KANU is a good leader and the entire BIAFRA land shall always be giving him a listening ears, before I forget, I want to please advise you to repent now before it’s too late.

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