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Buhari persecuting Dasuki, says Metuh

Buhari persecuting Dasuki, says Metuh
July 17
16:47 2015

Olisa Metuh, spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has described the siege laid to the Abuja residence of Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser (NSA), as “unconstitutional”.

Metuh accused President Muhammadu Buhari of going the way of dictators, saying the last time when a former government official was placed under “house arrest” was during the military era.

He said Buhari has been treating those who served under former president, Goodluck Jonathan as “prisoners of war”, warning that the party would not tolerate such “illegal act”.

“I came into Abuja today because I read about the invasion of the house of the former NSA and his detention,” he told reporters in Abuja.

“I drove to his house to see him and to find out what is happening. Then about seven or eight security operatives came out and they said that I cannot see him because the house is under security watch. And I asked them, security watch in terms of treason or terrorism? And they said they are not in a position to say.

“If he is under security watch on account of corruption or any other reason, then it’s totally against the constitution of this country because this is a democracy and democratic tenets and principles apply.

“We are not guilty because we served under a former president. We are not guilty because we lost an election. We are not prisoners of war and we should not be treated like prisoners of war.”

Metuh said if there were suspicions of any act of illegality against Dasuki, he ought to have been invited for questioning and not to be “held against his will”

He added that Nigerians are getting worried by the conduct of the president and his aides.

“If anybody has committed anything against the laws of Nigeria, let him be invited, let there be investigation,” he said.

“The fact that you shroud things in mystery and invade someone’s house and detain him against his will is an anathema in democracy.

“Nigerians are getting scared. There are certain activities by some of his aides and people around him; it’s like they are taking us back to the military era where we were coming from.

“We should be careful here because this was how it started in Zimbabwe and other countries. Before you know it we have a dictatorship.

“Please, Mr President, father of our nation, we ask for basic respect for human rights. Let our inalienable rights be observed and respected in a democracy. Freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


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  1. sosy
    sosy July 17, 17:29

    Are u a security personnel or Dasuki a PDP member? When the former NSA feels the need to call for help as a result of “being persecuted” Metuh you will not be the one going for his rescue. This “crying wolf after shooting self in the foot” will have to end. If Dasuki has a case to answer, he should! Quickly! After all he was NSA till 2 days ago, why the jitters????

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  2. Yinka
    Yinka July 17, 17:41

    Dear Editor, I think Metuh still assumes PDP is in power. What has Dasuki’s problem got to do with him? Was it not during the last days of GEJ that NDLEA stormed Senator Kasamu’s house? Why did Metuh keep quiet? The alcohol is Metuh’s blood is still troubling him. We are sick and tired of all his regular jibes. He ought to have realised now that he’s out of employment. He should find a better job. Four years in an unelected position will send him into depression. If a Security Agency has acted in a particular way, what’s his business? Metuh should shut up for sometime and spare us all the rubbish he and Fani-Kayode unleashed on us during the campaigns.

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    • Elu
      Elu July 17, 18:11

      People like you think others have no rights. What gives you more right to pass your comments through social media while denying Metu the right to speak to the press. Until people like you start realizing that everybody must not share your parochial and tribal inclinations to every national discuss, to his nation will continue to stutter. Ever heard of anybody being under house arrest in USA or Uk. To think that you people were the champions of human rights protection.

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  3. holla
    holla July 17, 17:51

    If my memory serves me right, the last time there was house arrest was last administration under GEJ, when sambisa forest was rehearsed in Boudilon (Jagaban) , we don’t need all this noise from Metuh, that’s not the way to be an opposition, too many empty cry and brute noise. Calm down , relax, strategize and stop blind chances.

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    • Simon
      Simon July 17, 20:14

      Exactly. They surrounded Tinubus house like a war zone. PDP have even blocked Governors from entering or leaving their states. Where was Metuh?

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  4. .nando
    .nando July 17, 18:18

    i don’t know why ?mr metuh is acting as if mr dasuki do not know law

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    SIR SPANDO July 17, 20:12

    Mr. cant u read d writing ond wall, in all d people commenting only is against d siege.pls spare us d naija, we ve money in quest in south africa likewise we wanted to know who are those detain along with d cash.

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  6. alex
    alex July 17, 22:48

    i wonder why Nigerians think that the proposed breakup of Nigeria was about the elections. We have 6 more months to know if we will stay as one in 2015 as predicted. reading all the posts explains it all. But i know the south west will soon get tired of all the greed of the North.

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  7. onyedikachi
    onyedikachi July 18, 08:49

    Pls my fellow compatriots, let us call a spade a spade & also criticize constructively on issues that concern this our fragile nation. Dasuki supposed to be invited before giving him such a national disgrace. Now, what is exactly the cause of such act by the DSS?

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