CAUGHT ON CAMERA: UNILAG lecturer solicits sex from ‘admission seeker’

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: UNILAG lecturer solicits sex from ‘admission seeker’
October 07
10:08 2019

Boniface Igbeneghu, lecturer and former sub-dean of faculty of art at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), has been caught on camera sexually harassing an undercover reporter who posed as an admission seeker in the institution.

Igbeneghu, who is also head pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church, was exposed in a 13-minute video documentary released by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday.

The investigation was on reports of sex for grades which had been previously reported in some West African Universities.

In the video, Igbeneghu told Kiki Mordi, the undercover reporter who posed as a 17-year-old admission seeker, how some lecturers in the institution tossed female students for sex.

He had invited the teenager to his office for a number of tutorials, before delving into sexual conversations with her.

“Do you know that you are a very beautiful girl?” he asked.

“Do you know that I am a pastor and I’m in my fifties. What will shock you is that even at my age now, if I want a girl of your age – a 17-year-old, all I need is to sweet tongue her and put some money in her hand and I’ll get her.”

The senior lecturer revealed how he and some of his colleagues patronise the UNILAG Staff club “cold room” to commit several sexual atrocities with female students of the institution.

He said in the cold room, lecturers meet to “touch students breast”.

“Do you want me to kiss you? Switch of the light, lock the door and I will kiss you for a minute. That’s what they do in cold room.”

In the video, the lecturer went to the bathroom, upon his return, he locked the door, switched off the light and embraced the “admission seeker”.

“You are too stiff. I can call you to come any day. If you don’t come, you know you are gone,” he threatened.

Authorities of UNILAG have refused to react to the cold room allegation.

Taiwo Oloyede, the university spokesperson, also told BBC that the institution has zero-tolerance for sex scandal.

Meanwhile, Paul Kwame, another lecturer from College of Education in Ghana, was also exposed in the documentary.

The documentary is coming a year after Richard Akindele, a professor at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), was accused of sexual harassment.


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  1. Do Don
    Do Don October 10, 00:16

    They should extend this type of investigative journalism to the civil service, to catch useless government workers, who extort money from job seeker and contractors, before doing their job. It is a vicious circle and, if really this government is interested in fighting corruption, they should step up their game, fight it for real, across the board.

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