Climate change: Nigeria, Denmark to partner on green transition

Dan Jorgensen, Danish minister of development cooperation and global climate policy Dan Jorgensen, Danish minister of development cooperation and global climate policy

Denmark has expressed readiness to partner with the federal government of Nigeria on green transition and mutual economic development.

Dan Jorgensen, Danish minister of development cooperation and global climate policy, gave the assurance in Abuja on Monday.

Jorgensen said Denmark and Nigeria can work together to ensure a successful green transition and fight against climate change.

He said Denmark has transitioned its energy systems from oil, gas and coal to renewables and other energy-efficient measures.


He said energy transition can boost economic growth, adding that Nigeria has a huge potential in solar energy which is cheaper and more reliable.

“So I will say that we need to do this for the climate yes but even if there is no such climate change, still this will be the sensible thing to do for economic reasons,” he said.

“And to make sure that as many people as possible have access to clean affordable energy. Because in my opinion, it is a human right that you can have electricity or energy in your home.


“There is no doubt that Nigeria has embarked on a very ambitious travel. The new administration has put forward some very bold and visionary plans for the future.

“And I think there is a great opportunity for a collaboration between Denmark and Nigeria.

“We are already collaborating and we are already friends but we can work even closer together, especially on the success of green transition.

“We all know we need to do more to fight climate change. Certainly that is obvious in Africa and Nigeria climate change is already evident. But it will be even more so in the future.


“What has shown in Denmark obviously is different from country to country but we can share our own experiences.

“We are aware of the plight of Nigeria and Africa on climate change and the need to partner in the area of climate mitigation, financing and adaptation.

“We want to set an example that can inspire others; we will learn from each other to partner for a positive result at the upcoming COP28.”

Ishaq Salako, minister of state for environment, said the partnership between Nigeria and Denmark on green transition will boost employment in the country.


The minister said there is a need for countries to collaborate to achieve a resolution on the issue of climate change.

Salako said the ministry has been piloting the sovereign green bond and working towards avoiding disasters like flooding to avert poverty.


“There is need for food security; if the land is degraded, there cannot be food security,” he said.

“Environmental actions to stop land degradation and poverty eradication disasters are taken seriously by the ministry.”


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