Climate Facts: Transitioning to green economy could yield $26tn economic gain, says UN

FAO supported farms for IDPs in Maiduguri FAO supported farms for IDPs in Maiduguri

The complexities of climate change and its associated jargon can make it difficult to digest. TheCable’s climate quick facts will help to demystify these climate concepts through easy-to-understand and straight-to-the-point explanations.

Here are some to keep at the tip of your fingers:

  • The United Nations (UN)  has projected that shifting to a green economy could yield an economic gain of $26 trillion through 2030 compared with business-as-usual.
  • The transition could produce over 65 million new low-carbon jobs, says the UN.
  • As of January 2023, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) estimated that over 20 million people across East Africa faced acute food insecurity as a result of droughts and other environmental shocks.
  • Sustainable agriculture and forest protection could generate over $2 trillion per year of economic benefits, create millions of jobs and improve food security, according to the UN.
  • The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the earth witnessed the eight warmest years of global temperature on record between 2015 and 2022 since 1850.

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