Coalition to FG: Prioritise investment in education, youth empowerment for resilient future

Nigerian students Nigerian students

The Democracy Convening Alliance, a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs), has asked the government to prioritise investment in education and youth empowerment.

The coalition, in a statement issued on Wednesday to mark Nigeria’s 25th Democracy Day celebration, said collective efforts are required to empower and mobilise youths to actively shape the future of the nation’s democracy.

“We urge the government and other stakeholders to prioritise investments in education, promote youth and women’s employment and leadership, empower young Nigerians with democratic knowledge and skills, leverage technology for transparency and accountability, mentor young people, build a united society, and strengthen democratic institutions for a more resilient and inclusive future,” the statement reads.

The group criticised the government for the economic hardship faced by Nigerians, demanding urgent solutions.


“The Democracy Convening Alliance also observes with dismay the prevalent socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues in the country, further posing challenges to the progress and development of youth and women in the country,” the coalition said.

“In a boulevard of lack and want, the economic policies of the current administration have brought unforetold hardship on the people without any cushioning with rising inflation, skyrocketing unemployment, widespread poverty, and insecurity.

“We also use this opportunity to call on the government to begin to take immediate steps and economic policy reforms that ameliorate the suffering of the people. The government exists to serve the people, and it must be seen to be doing so.


 “As we celebrate Democracy Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to empowering Nigerian youth and women in building an inclusive Nigeria where every young person and woman can fulfill their potential and contribute meaningfully to the development of our nation.

“While we can count the lacunas in our 25-year-old democracy, we must be concerted and cooperative in building a more resilient and prosperous Nigeria so that in the future we can count the dividends and benefits of democracy.

“We once saluted all the young people and women who fought for our democracy and those currently working to ensure we have sustainable democratic governance for the benefit of all.

Members of the coalition include Girls Get Equal, Activista Nigeria, Open Minds Young Voices (OMYV), Raising New Voices, and the National Youth Cancel of Nigeria (NYCN).

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