Bakare tells governors: Don’t provoke ‘poorly paid’ workers by reducing minimum wage

Tunde Bakare, the serving overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, has warned governors not to “provoke the rage” of poorly paid workers by reducing the minimum wage.

Many states have been saying they can no longer afford to pay the N18,000 minimum wage because of dwindling revenue.

But Bakare said politicians should instead reduce their own salaries.

Bakare also accused CBN of contributing negatively to the Nigerian economy in more ways than one.


In his state-of-the nation address titled ‘Roadmap to successful change’, the pastor outlined eight major steps that Nigeria must take to execute the change the nation voted for.

Quoting Polybius, a Greek historian, Bakare said: “Those who know how to win are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their victories”, advising President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian people on the way forward.


dasuki sambo
Sambo Dasuki

“The summary of our assessment of the entire framework of governance and public policy is that without restructuring, this administration may achieve little or no significant and sustainable success,” he said.


“The government must examine carefully, the argument of economists that sound monetary policy including proper management of the exchange rate regime by the CBN would eliminate the need for subsidies.

“The intricate connection between monetary policy on the one hand and the fuel subsidy debate on the other, makes the management of the CBN a major concern.

“To the discerning, the CBN currently contributes negatively to the Nigerian state in more ways than one. Firstly, the CBN has become a conduit for politicians to drain the nation.

“Otherwise, how can a letter of barely two paragraphs addressed to the current CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, by the then National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.), become the Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) leading to cash flow of $47 million (US dollars) and several millions of euros?


“In decent climes, the CBN Governor cannot continue in office while the NSA is accounting for his alleged misdeeds.”


Godwin Emefiele

He alleged that the CBN is promoting corruption by removing a section that controls currency minting by the CBN decree of 1991.

“Secondly, another negative contribution by the CBN is the needless obscurity it has created regarding currency in circulation. It was not so in the past. For instance, S. 43 (2) of the CBN Decree (now Act) No. 24 of 1991 stipulates: Without prejudice to the provision of S1 of this section, the President may direct the Auditor General of the Federation to conduct an examination of the Bank, and submit a report thereon relating to the issue, re-issue, exchange and withdrawal of currency notes and coins by the Bank and the Bank shall provide all necessary facilities for the purpose of the examination.

“This vital sub-section was completely removed in the current CBN Act 2007, thereby making it possible for the CBN to decide the printing of the Nigerian currency, amounts to be printed, currencies to be destroyed (of which the CBN staff can take as much of such dirty notes as they like and inject back into the system while keeping all of us in the dark) without any check and balances stipulated in S. 43 (2) of the previous CBN Act No. 24 of 1991.


“The CBN is not a privately controlled banking agency…the wealth of the Central Bank of Nigeria belongs to the people of Nigeria, not the governor or the staff of the CBN. Our foreign reserves could be used to drive infrastructural development with a view to building a strong local industrial base.

“It is important to add, that rather than mere devaluation of the naira, a strong local productive base, that widens Nigeria’s foreign exchange window is a lasting solution to the lingering currency crisis.”



Senator Saraki
Bukola Saraki

Bakare, who observed Nigeria has become a burden to the international community, urged the present administration to do more about reducing the cost of governance.

“If we are serious about sound financial management, a more significant reduction in the size and cost of running government would be required than this present administration has been able to effect.


“The government resizing process has been hampered by structural anomalies and constitutional constriants. For instance, of what use is a bloated legislature that could potentially gulp 25 percent of the entire national recurrent budget?

“Of what use is a profligate governmental structure characterised by municipal or treasure draining federating unit? Of what use is a constitutional provision for 36 ministers, even when we have no need for so many.”



Nigerian govs at Bail out meeting
State governors

The former vice-presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) said subsidy should not be removed but should be replaced.

“As for the state government, care must be taken not to provoke the rage of poorly paid civil servants by reducing minimum wage of already impoverished workers,” he said.

“What they should do is device a reasonable policy direction that would lead to reduction of the salaries of politicians.

“Whereas the buzzword in the subsidy debate is subsidy removal, we are advocating subsidy replacement.

“Subsidy replacement would entail introduction of targeting palliatives that would ensure that the benefits of intervention gets to the so-called average Nigerian.”

Bakare said the current government has been focusing on 2Ds – deregulation and diversification – calling for 3D, which includes is diversification, deregulation and devolution of power.

Among other things, Bakare called for a prosecution of those indicted in the Farouk Lawan subsidy probe and the implementation of the 2014 national confab.

  1. May God help our nation. Thanks to Pastor Bakare for airing his views and advice. I believe we r on d way forward

  2. If Buhari in his claim of patriotism to Nigeria will not be able to implement the outcome of the Jonathan era national comfab then his patriotism is questionable and could be seen as only the love of the North because that is the real solution to the Nigeria’s problem PERIOD.

  3. Pastor May you live long. They know the way out but they don’t want to implement it because it will not fill money into their pockets.

  4. SERAP should note that our Ex-President GEJ is the 1st African President to handover power to an opposition party with the primary objective of exposing, for the first time in the history of Nigeria, the atrocities of the ruling class (his PDP 1st and also the forces of the so called APC membered by old bad eggs, drifts and political harlots). The way and manner GEJ conducted the elections and handed over show how dissatisfied he is with his past and contemporary ruling class. Therefore, any reasonable person should desist from meddling with his personality that is not two in Africa.

    1. is that an achievement? he lost out. Why didnt he step that before the election.
      Please dont count that as anything because he has no option when all the people around him were busy stealing.
      Dont forget that GEJ is inexperience and knows nothing that is happening . he was a ceremonial head

    2. I respect ur views and actually wd appreciate the efforts aformentioned about the ex-president.But lets not forget that mismanagement and stealing cant be justified with democracy.I wd like to bring to ur consciousness,the fact that Nigerians were feld up of the last govt. To the extent that even the dumbest person knew if GEJ had tried to do otherwise,there would not have bn a country called Nigeria today.I must quickly mention that am not a member of APC or a benefiaciary and do not believe the Buhari led govt. is the saviour of the day, but we as Nigerians should not circum navigate our destiny and continue mortagaging the future of our unborn generation to egoestic individuals, and keep rendering pseudo praises on thieves!NIGERIANS won the election and changed the govt. GEJ did no man a favour by handing over and if Buhari is found wanting even if he hands over at some points!he shd be calles to question.I dont know when we Nigerians are going to wake up and start asking vital questions and demanding answers,from past leaders… so we can set a standard for the forthcoming.Not untill we take a stand and stop this “sitdonlook”followership, we will continue to suffer and the govts to come will still take us all for granted.I weep for my country!

  5. he indictment of CBN by the pastor is very valid. CBN has turned itself into a profit making organization at the detriment of the common man. CBN is being run in a way that is inimical to the interest of the common man. This must stop in the interest of the public good.

  6. Thank u pastor Tunde Bakare, And thank GOD for giving u d wisdom and boldness to come out nd tell Nigerian’s the plain truth. Indeed I am impress with ur speech of adressing the state of the nation, this is an example of how those who call themselves men of GOD re suppose to play there own role in government.

  7. Kudos to the man of God.He should not stop at that please arrange a visit to the President and discuss all this beautiful idea.God bless Nigeria.

  8. Your comment..Pastor Bakare, thanks for your thought provoking release. Apart from the fact that it is very educative, it is also a way forward in solving Nigeria’s myriads of problems.
    Central Bank has become another independent country of its own. On the issue of financial management, all the past managers of our finances must be probed. They are having too much peoples wealth and properties in their possession. The Naira too must be protected at all cost if Nigeria wants to develop. An unstable currency is not good for any economy.
    NNPC as a whole must be probed. How could the Corporation explain spending #1trillion on kerosene subsidy. Payment of subsidy and (PEF) Petroleum Equalization Fund must further be probed. Both have been conduit pipes.
    Hmmmm… on the national assembly, I weep for mother Nigeria anytime I watch the senators and Rep members in the television defending their selfish reasons for budgeting such a huge amount for buying cars in a country where about 30 million youths sleep on the streets and several unemployed graduates abound. The callousness in their faces is shown like glowing stars.
    Nigerians must all come out if they finally refuse to yield to decency. The powers given to the national is too enormous. We must find a way of devolution of these powers of life and death.
    Thank you Pastor Bakare May your days be long.

  9. The full implementation of 2014 National Confab is the only visible solution that can address all the problems facing us as a nation. If we pretend about this we will only succeed in postponing our doom.

  10. Looking forward to see if the ruling government will utilize the recommendations from Pastor Bakare. Off course our leaders knows the ways out but they are doing nothing but taking the advantage of the common man for selfish enrichment.

  11. Where are the Nigerian youth movements the way we used to know them especially students? Can it be true you’ve all mortgaged your future by forming unholy alliance with greedy politicians? After all why has it a man of God like Tunde Bakare to cry out on behalf of the Nation. The ealier you wake up, the better it will be for you and the Nation.

  12. The anointing of God will never run dry in your live Pastor. I pray thee to press further and influence the President on these crucial matters and to take necessary action

  13. Any probe of CBN should commence from Obasanjo’s regime else it is witch hunting the current CBN governor.
    Devolution of power is necessary for good governance. National Comfab recommendations should be implemented if PMB is really a good Nigerian, no pretense!. If CONFAB recommendations are implemented, one should notice reduction in various ethnic agitations – Biafra, BH, militancy etc . Future generations will quote CONFAB and Bakare’s recommendations as known solutions avoided by Federal Government of Nigeria.
    Again, the SFG should explain these recommendations to PMB, as they are necessary for national interest /growth

  14. praise God
    Ist time since d history of FB I open a page n did not find a single insult weda from Muslims,Christian,NORTHERNER. SOUTHERNER,WESTERN OR EAST

  15. Shame on you Bakare! You are now the spokesperson for the government in power. And more distressing is the sheep on here cheering at the nonsense you are saying. There is no hope for Nigeria as yet – the level of ignorance is appalling. Why are you targeting the CBN governor? It is because that is the main assignment given to you by your handlers. Those of you hiding inder the cover of God’s name to deceive your gullible followers will be exposed at the right time.

  16. Nigeria must flourish again….
    The new Nigeria must emerge, our eyes shall see it and our mouth shall bless the Lord…..God bless Nigeria.

  17. is better to question all those Nigeria politicians particularly the so called saraki,coz,the needs to be remove from since that post,so as to allow we lower class to enjoy.saraki contributed negatively to kwara state problems intern of their salary scale

  18. Cudos to u pastor bakare,my tail is on d hope of a common man which is d rule of law.president buari should make it work nd also obey it.God bless our home land Nigeria

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