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Di heavy rain wey fall for Brazil na becos dem yab Jesus?

Di heavy rain wey fall for Brazil na becos dem yab Jesus?
June 03
12:12 2023

Plenti social media posts claim sey di recent heavy rain wey fall for Brazil na becos dem yab Jesus during dia 2023 carnival. 

“Na small power naim God dey show Brazil di day after dem yab am,” na so di title of di Facebook video wey dey evriwhere for social media tok.

For anoda post wey get more dan 1.2 million views, one Nigerian skit maker share di viral video of di Brazilian carnival, come write sey: “Immediately Brazilians finish to yab God wit dia carnival, God destroy dia city with heavy rain.”

For di Facebook video wey plenti pipu don cari eye see, wit 56k likes and more dan 6.1k comments, di comedian make am look laik sey di dey afta dia 2023 carnival, wey dem tok sey dem yab Jesus as dem dey do dia drama, heavy rain with serious kasala hapun for Brazil. 


Anoda Facebook user post some pictures wey bi laik sey na from di 2023 carnival wit some kain foto wey dey show flooding wey no even consign Brazil.

Di post tok sey: “Flood kills plenti pipu for Brazil di day after dem yab Jesus for satanic event. Heavy rain and flood for São Paulo state, Brazil, kill at least 36 people on Sunday 25th February 2023, afta di Rio Carnival. Na di city of São Sebastião naim suffer am pass as plenti pipu miss and at least 50 houses still come collapse.”


Di post reach Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube. 

For di video wey dey evriwhere, one actor wey wear red, wey bi laik sey na devil, come dey beat, dey suffer anoda actor, wey no dey wear plenti clothe – dey look laik Jesus wey im bin dey go im cross. Pipu don tok sey di drama mean sey devil dey do oga for Jesus, sey na yab dem dey yam Christ.

Di video wey dey evriwhere na from di February 2023 carnival for Brazil, and na true sey na di day afta di performance naim pipu die and property destroy sake of heavy rain for São Paulo?



Keyword search togeda wit reverse image search ontop di keyframes show sey di skit wey dey evriwhere wey bi laik sey dem dey yab Jesus na since four years ago.

TheCable check see sey na Gaviões da Fiel, one Samba school, naim perform di skit in March 2019, during di 2019 carnival for Brazil.  Since four years ago wey dem post am for YouTube, di video don gada pass three million views.

Na so di World Christian League cari di skit go court becos of di kasala wey e cause. Di lawsuit tok sey di carnival skit dey yab Jesus, and becos of dat, make dem drop 5 million reais as compensation for di moral damages wey dem cause. 

Howeva, for 2022, Gaviões da Fiel come win di case. Di court of justice tok sey di performance no mean to “rubbish Jesus” or “to yab” am.


Di judge come still tok sey: “If you dey cari true eye look am, some people becos of dia faith, for dey feel somehow for body to dey see di pesin wey wicked pass dey defeat di pesin wey bi di biggest for di religion.” 

Di ruling add sey di performance “fit dey questioned based on im good taste”, but na still “di right of freedom of expression”.


Di 2023 carnival for Brazil start on February 17 till February 22. Pipu really wait dis year own based on di fact sey dem cancel di event during 2020 and 2021 becos of COVID. Even di one wey dem do for 2022 no too gel laik dat. Usually, na evri year dem dey run am.



According to di National Center for Disaster Monitoring Prediction in Brazil, all di rain wey fall for February 2023, inside di cities of di north coast of São Paulo na di highest wey dem don record for di kontri. Di last highest na for 2022. 


Tarcísio de Freitas, govnor of São Paulo, bin describe di disaster as “one of di worst incident of flooding and landslides for di state.

On February 19, as di carnival dey hapun, na so one heavy rain fall for di the coastal region of di most populous South American nation. Becos of di rain and di flood, dem comot residents from dia house. 

Some reports tok sey di rain fall till the end of February, come dey make emergency workers no fit rescue and send relief materials to victims wella.

Also, dem bin cancel di 2023 carnival activities for di affected areas.


Di claim wey sey di viral skit – wey bi laik dem dey yab Jesus – cause di 2023 flood no correct. Di skit hapun for 2019, four years before di heavy rain wey cause kasala for Brazil last February.

This content was produced with support from the Independent Media Response Fund, an initiative of the Check Global Program at Meedan to respond to global challenges through hyperlocal initiatives. The fund is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). 


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