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Group defends ex-NNPC GMD, says ‘no law forbids anyone from keeping money at home’

Group defends ex-NNPC GMD, says ‘no law forbids anyone from keeping money at home’
February 16
20:49 2017

The Southern Kaduna Coalition of Professionals (SKCOP) has faulted the detention of Andrew Yakubu, a former group managing director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) detained Yakubu after allegedly recovering huge sums of money at his house in the Sabo Tasha area of Kaduna state.

Yakubu admitted ownership of the money, but claimed that they were gifts from unnamed persons.

In a statement on Thursday, Sagamu Jaspar, general secretary of SKCOP, wondered if there was a law which forbade anyone from keeping his earnings at home.

He alleged that some persons were plotting to pull down “our illustrious son and sacrifice him to the dogs” as a means of weakening the strong among us ahead 2019 general election.

“We are waiting to see if a court of law can establish that the said amount found in his home is a proceed of crime, or whether there is indeed a law that forbids anyone from keeping his earnings at home,” Jaspar said.

“We suspect that the deliberate negative publicity the EFCC is generating over his arrest and its failure to release him from their detention  after meeting his bail conditions, is more vindictive and political than fighting corruption.

“We condemn the desperate attempts to rubbish Andy Yakubu, (the Iyan of Atyap Chiefdom) by those who think that a man from southern Kaduna has no business becoming the GMD of NNPC started right when he was in office.”

The group said some people were out to tarnish the reputation of the “only man from the middle belt” to have led the oil firm.

It added that in 2014 when Sanusi Lamido, former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) raised the allegation of missing $20 billion, the agency which audited the corporation which was led by Yakubu at the time, gave NNPC a clean bill of health.

“In 2014, the then CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, raised a bogus alarm that under the watch of Andy Yakubu, $48.9 billion had gone missing at the NNPC. When pressed further, he said it was actually $20 billion. The senate took the matter very serious and instituted its own probe into the clearly silly allegation,” the group said.

“An audit firm of global repute, PriceWaterHouseCoopers was brought in by the federal government. After a forensic investigation, the firm said no such monies were ever missing.

“Still bent on disgracing the only person from the middle belt to ever occupy that position after rising from the ranks, Andy Yakubu was in UK  in June last year, when the EFCC invited him.  With his conscience clean and clear he arrived Nigeria just for the EFCC to clamp him in detention over an alleged criminality in an NNPC subsidiary, NPDC after Yakubu has left office.

Demanding his immediate release, Jaspar challenged the EFCC to parade all those whom the agency recovered money from.

He said failure to do so would confirm the allegation that the commission is “persecuting” the suspect.

“Keeping him in detention for almost two weeks despite the above  is a means of psychologically tormenting him and for the public to prolong their odium on his person, without giving him a chance to state his own side of the story,” he said.

“If Andy Yakubu is not being persecuted because he comes from Southern Kaduna and the Middle Belt, we challenge the EFCC to also parade all the people it claims to have recovered humongous sums of money from. Failure to so would mean the agency is lying, or has two sets of law for two kinds of Nigerians.”


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  1. Phil
    Phil February 16, 21:45

    Why do we always have a penchant for tainting issues with sentiments and sectionalism? If Andrew Yakubu is innocent let him defend his position. The law is on his side. We don’t have to use tribal sentiments to achieve good results. Much as I support your challenge that all other suspected looters should be made public there is no justification to say that none should be prosecuted until ALL others are arraigned. May God help our nation.

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  2. Mike
    Mike February 17, 04:37

    This group is anything but professional! Money laundering is a crime in any modern society. Andrew Yakubu has a duty to explain the SOURCE of the cash he was apparently laundering. In many Advanced, even $10,000 will attract the attention of the law!

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  3. Dee-Dee
    Dee-Dee February 17, 07:09

    Who are so called professional? Genuine money of such magnitude should be in bank and the slump. I am from SK and a professional in my own right, ‘Andy is guilty and corrupt’, it is stolen fund.

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  4. Big Hust
    Big Hust February 17, 10:37

    So Kaduna State is now part of middle belt? Corruption will always find a way of fighting back. What a pity, the poorest of the poorest people of Kaduna State are from Southern Kaduna LGs, someone that had the capability of raising them from their abject poverty chose instead to open his own dollar bank with only him as the customer, then professionals from Southern Kaduna are saying he is being witch hunted, I believe it’s now evident why they are poor and will remain poor till eternity.

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  5. Pablo Deen
    Pablo Deen February 17, 10:41

    Like the saying goes, birds of same feather flocks together. No right thinking human being will say keeping Millions of Dollars in a house when the economy is in recession is lawful. This Group is nothing but charade. Yakubu remains a Launderer of stolen wealth. Let him name those who gave him the gift. The group does not tell the agency how to go about its operation. let them head to the court to challenge it. But truth be told, if Nigerians dont move away from tribalizing and trivializing issues, future generations and God will not forgive us.

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  6. Mustee
    Mustee February 17, 13:10

    I think this so called profesional are just displaying ther tribal sentiment to d public. Any genuine money like this shd be in d Bank not in a hidden slump. We need to wakeup in Dis country.

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  7. Esqiore
    Esqiore February 18, 08:20

    Glorifying corruption! Please give him more chieftaincy’s title. To demand EFCC to produce those they have ever paraded in NNPC over corruption is mere stupidity!

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  8. M. I. kwaru
    M. I. kwaru February 18, 12:27

    Profs or partners in crime, is andy is d first to be detained by EFCC over alledged stealing of public funds? All those involved in dasukigata arms funds scandal were detained, yet no single prof from their region peddled sentiment to depend him. Abeg make na go find reasonable job for survival

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  9. Bart Chucks Obuh
    Bart Chucks Obuh February 18, 15:32

    The continual detention of Mr Andy Yakubu in the EFCC custody is a flagrant violation of his constitution right. In trying to fight corruption we should strive to act in consonance with the provisions of our laws. If the EFCC feels the man has committed an offence let them charge him to the court with immediate dispatch. Then let them go ahead and get him prosecuted, the law requires the prosecution to prove their case

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  10. Hayyasah Tirkashi
    Hayyasah Tirkashi February 18, 19:51

    Next EFCC arrest my kinsman we may migrate or transfer our location to organizations or associations such resource control, niger delta, opc middle belt etc as they may assist us to fight for his release. Middle belt is seriously encroaching other zones, this is a wake-up call guard your frontier s#

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