Ganduje: My political history is incomplete without Kwankwaso

Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano state, says his history as a politician is incomplete without Rabiu Kwankwaso, his predecessor.

Ganduje succeeded Kwakwanso in 2015, having served as his deputy for eight years.

Speaking on the sidelines of high-table dialogue on ethical values and national security held at the state house conference center, Abuja, he said he and Kwankwaso were good friends who fell apart.

“Well, as you know we were very good friends,” Ganduje said.


“In fact, my political history cannot be complete without Kwankwaso and the history of Kwankwaso politics cannot be complete without me.

“But somewhere somehow things went wrong. We believe in politics you will get to a point you cannot rule and manage a state and then you are being controlled from outside, you know that one is very very difficult to happen if you look at the psychology of leaders.”

Ganduje also denied the allegations that underage voters allegedly took part in the state’s local government election on Saturday.


The governor said the election was free and fair, while describing the allegations as “propaganda”.

According to him, the pictures of the alleged underage voters are those of children from school assembly.

“That was propaganda. You can ask the national observers who went there, they held a press conference, all those pictures were children from school assembly,” he said.

“It is not true, it is part of the propaganda. Let them go back to the states and ask the people did they queue up and vote in the election?


“So we don’t even need to respond to such falsehood. Ask those who are credible and who witnessed the election, I think that is the most important thing rather than rely on the social media where things are crafted, and take pictures that were prearranged. We don’t rely on that.”

“Well, we conducted local government elections precisely on saturday 10th February and it was very peaceful. Independent observers were there, the result was 100 percent APC.

“The election was free and fair. So you can see that the insecurity was publicized outside Kano. People believe here that there is insecurity but in Kano, there is peace and stability.”

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