GOOD NEWS: PSquare brothers reconcile after 5 weeks of drama

GOOD NEWS: PSquare brothers reconcile after 5 weeks of drama
March 22
12:42 2016

PSquare, Nigerian musical group comprising the Okoye brothers, seems to have buried the hatchet after weeks of drama and public spat about splitting up.

Peter and Paul Okoye took to their social media pages to share similar pictures with the same captions.

“That it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY.”

Jude Okoye, their elder brother and manager who was sacked at the beginning of the drama, was not left out as he shared the same picture with his twin brothers.

There were speculations that the brothers were longer an item after Peter Okoye, one half of the musical group, announced his new manager and rechristened himself ‘Mr P’.

The 33-year-old dancer also performed at a few shows alone, which was unusual, and released a single Look Into my Eyes.

Paul Okoye, who stood with Jude Okoye, their brother and manager at the beginning of the drama, also released a single about the situation.

With lyrics like ‘Cos if to say una dey, For everything wey dey happen today, E for be say una go intervene, Cos right now everything na pain, See your children dey misbehave’ fans reached the conclusion that he was reporting the situation to their dead parents.

This is not the first time that there have been speculations of a split between the brothers but this is the first time that the brothers have had a public fight and exchanged remarks.

In 2014, there were rumours of a PSquare split but it was debunked by the brothers.

The brothers kicked off their musical career 19 years ago and are known for hit tracks like Do Me, Personally, BizzyBody to mention a few.


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  1. Eze
    Eze March 24, 12:26

    I thank the good lord about this because I wounder what could have happened to me because since this incident happened I have not been my self I cried every time I recall back over the incident cos am you guys number 1 fan.

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  2. Ibrahim Idi
    Ibrahim Idi March 26, 14:56

    There’s a gig somewhere for P Square, not for solo members of the team. They’ll lose the money if they don’t show up . It’s more or less a temporal end of hostilities…. I CHOP MY MONEY.. YOU CHOP MY MONEY arrangement…They’ll go back to the trenches sooner or later. There should be an amicable reorganizing of their working pattern. Things may never be the same again. Each should be allowed to pursue independent artistic goals. When Psquare is needed & it’s convenient, they could come together for gigs. Peter’s recent interview was too candid to be taken lightly.

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  3. zinny
    zinny March 28, 17:21

    I’ m happy for u guys serious, this is what i have been waiting

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  4. Lil Doggy
    Lil Doggy March 31, 23:45

    There was family before P-square, and there will still be family after P-square. So, family come first.

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  5. seaman
    seaman April 01, 19:36

    am happy they are back on track.

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  6. timocracy
    timocracy April 06, 12:52

    its indeed a marvelous thing to realize that family is one of the most beautiful thing on earth. am so so happy for this guys. one love.

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  7. Chy love
    Chy love April 15, 17:44

    Glory be to God Almighty who made u people to recocine, i have been waiting for it since am so so happy..

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  8. Nenyenwa
    Nenyenwa April 16, 11:04

    Am so happy for this good news, thanks to the ultimate God who make you people to come back to your right senses always remember to be in unity because they said that united we stand and divided we fell don’t allow enemy to laugh at you people many thank.

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  9. julietta baby
    julietta baby April 17, 00:34

    i thank God almighty for u guys but pls try to kill whatever that is causing d problems .

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  10. wizzy karl
    wizzy karl May 20, 16:57

    U guys just have to be strong in times like dis cuz none of u can’t make it without the other

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  11. Iyk
    Iyk May 21, 20:11

    Its great feeling to read about the re-union. I was deeply touched during that crises and prayed to ALMIGHTY LORD for this moment. I cant wait for you guys next album for the celebration of the comeback. Thank You Lord.

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  12. Arsenal Baby
    Arsenal Baby May 25, 09:48

    Thanks be to God for the union again, please guyz don’t let this happen again even your dead parent will never forgive you if you decide to go apart. God has a plan for you that was why they two of you were born. Let the brotherly love continue.

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  13. ponty Jackson
    ponty Jackson May 28, 07:44

    am like ur brother in Cameroon love u guys so much but when u break my heart like this time am not happy this should be the last time this happen again.I love u my brothers

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  14. chris ezinwa
    chris ezinwa June 05, 22:45

    Your comment..glory nd honour be unto god almighty who make this possible PS-QUARE stands for ever.

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  15. stelly
    stelly June 05, 22:59

    U guyz are my best, seriously I can tell u that, I know are ur lyrics off head, even if d song should be released today, a day is enough for me to score d song. Am happy for u guys God will continue to bless u guys Amen

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  16. ojelly
    ojelly June 17, 23:11

    I pray that may God push away any spirit of quarrellx away from u guys. We love u all and wil always do. Plszzzzzz keep up wt de good work as usual

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  17. M.O
    M.O July 20, 12:34

    I’m so Happy to hear the good News.

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  18. Paul
    Paul July 22, 23:56

    Your happy for you guys finally God has made it possible for you guys so now I can sleep well thank you Jesus

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  19. PMAN
    PMAN July 23, 22:14


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  20. star prince
    star prince July 29, 13:23

    tank god at last

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  21. ifylove
    ifylove August 02, 01:16

    Your comment..Thanks be to God for this peace reigning.With this,the adage that says that “the anger towards one’s sibling doesn’t get to the bone” is portrayed

    Reply to this comment
  22. shallord
    shallord August 03, 15:23

    Your comment..thank God for his marvelous work in your life’s I almost had a heart attack when I heard of separation but I thank God today because he is the only one than can say a thing it cometh to pass .thank u lord for bringing them back together nw I can sleep and be happy knowing all is well with you two. psquare lives forever.

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  23. eface
    eface August 19, 12:30

    Your called p is back thamk u guys

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  24. austine
    austine August 19, 23:51


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  25. pasciito
    pasciito August 22, 22:13

    i am very very happy for ur guys

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  26. peter osayi
    peter osayi October 15, 11:16

    Your comment..i love this, God will guard u guys

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  27. Denovic
    Denovic November 30, 10:47

    I’m happy that you guys are back. I’m so so so so so so happy. Hope I will see you face to face in my country Sierra Leone.

    Reply to this comment
    MOSES JONATHAN ADAMU January 21, 16:27

    Your comment..Am extremely joyous 4 ur been back together bless u all at p.square

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  29. Master blaise
    Master blaise December 04, 16:01

    Your very good as u all understand ur mistake an reconcile,,nice one brothers am one of ur fans

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