Guber poll: Group asks Tinubu to probe ‘senseless’ killings in Kogi LGA

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Club 582, an elite organisation of Kogi professionals, has asked President Bola Tinubu to ensure a probe into the recent killings in the state.

In a statement on Wednesday, Samuel Onekutu, president of the organisation, said despite the deployment of security operatives, violent activities are on the rise in the state.

 Olukayode Egbetokun, inspector-general of police (IGP), recently ordered the deployment of security operatives to Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa for the governorship elections scheduled to be held on November 11.

Onekutu said some residents were reportedly killed on Tuesday in Anyigba town, due to a clash by political parties.


“We, the entire members of Club 582, an elite group of like-minded citizens of Kogi state, wish to appreciate the Federal government for its commitment to peace and security in Kogi, Imo and Bayelsa states during the weekend election in the three states,” the statement reads.

“We are particularly delighted that the government is determined to stamp out thuggery and the senseless killings that have come to define elections and the grim struggle for power in Kogi state.

“We have no cause to doubt the sincerity of the government in its efforts to put an end to the senseless killings orchestrated by political groups in the state.


“But we are worried that despite the deployment of armed troops to the state for Operation Safe Conduct, Anyigba, the social and commercial headquarters of Igala land, on Tuesday witnessed another show of senseless violence. As usual, there are conflicting reports.

“One said the political party in power in the state sent rogue troops, disguised as security agents, to waylay the residence of a political opponent where five persons, including a policeman, were killed.

“Another report countered this and said a combined force of law enforcement officers went there to stamp out thugs.

“Kogi State in the last eight years has been a veritable killing field and the citizens of the state, who have been unwilling witnesses to the bloodbath, have lost confidence in the ability of government to protect them. But we can’t blame them.


“On the approach of any election, security agencies were never tired of assuring the people of peace and security. But the opposite has always been the case.

“In 2019, despite similar assurances by the government, a police helicopter was used by the government in power not only to scare away voters but to kill and maim them.

“This election is the first to be conducted under the watch of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We want our people to be given the assurance of the security of their lives and limbs during this election and  at all other times.”

The president called on President Bola Tinubu and the inspector general of police to investigate the killings in Kogi east.


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