Alia to ex-Benue governors: Shut up if you’ve nothing positive to offer

Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue, has asked former governors of the state to stop misrepresenting the youths. 

Speaking at the government house in Makurdi on Friday, the governor said it is unfair for anyone to tag the hardworking young people of the state as thugs, adding that such derogatory remarks give the entire state a bad name.

Alia added that his administration accords priority to everyone in the state and would not condone the misrepresentation of youths. 

“Any comment that does not go well with the image of the state and its very honourable individuals, this administration will take it up with you,” he said. 


“When you see young people supporting this administration or working hard for the growth and development of Benue state, do not call the youths thugs. 

“Whoever must have called the youths of the state thugs, first of all, I would like that person or those persons to withdraw that public statement. The youths of the state have suffered in the past so much that they are now gaining traction on sanity and development.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to pocket them and have them stigmatised. If you don’t understand who a thug is, just shut up.


“Benue youths are thriving and are quite concerned about what happens here in the state and I would like everybody to honour them and to respect them.”  

The governor said his administration is working to change the perception the rest of the nation has about Benue.

“Benue state was no longer on the international radar, and with the new sheriff in town, we needed the whole world to know that Benue state is here,” he said.

“Benue state is the real deal and Benue state is the home for development.


“And with the way we have charted it now, Benue state is going to be a place where several states will be coming to inquire about what is happening here so that they take it back to their various states.

“This is why I cannot accept anyone, whether you are a former governor, or whether you are a civil servant serving currently, or whether you are doing your business somewhere in Benue, or you are trying to engage on your farm somewhere, denigrating the people of the state.” 

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