Amaechi: I’d be foolish to say there’s no corruption under Buhari

Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, says he would be “nearly foolish” to say there is no corruption in the current administration.

Speaking with select media houses, including TheCable, Amaechi said the corruption that might be found in the present government can not be compared with what obtained in previous administrations.

He said under President Muhammadu Buhari, there are consequences for corrupt acts.

Asked if there is no form of corruption under Buhari, he said: “I will nearly be a foolish man to say that but compare the magnitude if there is any. Before it was with impunity. Now there are consequences for stealing.”

The minister said if previous administrations used resources on infrastructure, a lot of progress would have been made developing the country.

“What happened when we had this money? What did we do with that money? We say ‘Oh stop criticising them do your own’. The truth is that the president is eliminating corruption because it is that resource we can use to do Lagos-Ibadan rail,” he said.

“Do you know why they didn’t finish Abuja-Kaduna rail then? Counterpart funding. They could not pay. When we came, we paid N23 billion. The counterpart funding for Lagos-Ibadan is N72 billion, we have paid.

“Let me tell you, if we don’t win, corruption will come back automatically. Nobody will beg it.

“They way it will come back because the people are out, they have been out for four years and they have never been out of government before, PDP never left government so now they are hungry, not hungry for power, in fact, if you tell them that I want to keep power and I will give you money, they will.”