Motorsport: X-Kart to participate in Ondo auto rally

x-kart participating in a rally x-kart participating in a rally
Motorsport: X-Kart to participate in Ondo auto rally

Organisers of the 2024 Ondo Auto Rally say the recently commissioned X-Kart race series in the country will feature in this year’s event.

The event will be taking place in Ilara Mokin, Ondo state between March 29 and 30.

Speaking on Sunday, Adeoye Ojuoko, president of the Work and Play, the race organisers, said the X-Kart series that started last month in Shagamu, Ogun state is a five-prong series that would be concluded later in the year.

“We are raising the level of activity this year with the onboarding of the X-Kart series to the Ondo rally. The race in Ilara-Mokin will be the second in five series of the X-Kart for the year, due to the fact that we are partners in the series’ development and a frontline promoter of Motorsports,” Ojuoko said.


“Most of the set-up of the track in Ilara has been optimised for the demand of the X-Kart series and we are only waiting to get the races going,“ he also said.

The Ilara Mokin racing track, which is the first off-road track in the country and has hosted three series of off-road races over the years, is reputed as positioned to feature the growing X-Kart racers.

Although participation for the 2024 edition has been widened due to the X-Kart inclusion, the regular car and bike races would still run their course at the auto rally.


The Ondo rally, which has racers expected from Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Enugu, Nasarawa, Kwara, Osun Kebbi and Rivers states, is one of the key drivers of tourism to Ondo state.

Organisers said highlights of the 2024 event would include vintage car exhibitions, bike races, drifting, food exhibitions, and live music shows.

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