Na true sey lion dey born wen rain dey fall and sun dey shine?

Na true sey lion dey born wen rain dey fall and sun dey shine?
May 06
11:51 2023

One old Naija tori claim sey lion dey born anytime wey rain dey fall and sun comot.

No bi for onli Naija dem dey tok di tin, oda kontris get di one wey dem dey believe. 

For Albania, wen rain fall and sun comot, dem go tok sey Romani wedding dey hapun somewhere. For some oda places, dem sey either devil dey marry, or e dey beat im wife. 

For Hawaii, dem sey di tin dey hapun because hole dey for heaven. In fact, dem dey call am pukalani for Hawaii, meaning sey hole dey sky. 


For Estonia, dem dey describe di tin as “orphan tears”, sey di sun bi di grandmother wey dey dry di tears. Pipu for Maldives sey dat kain rain dey fall wen big pesin wey no dey belive in dia God kpai. Some belive sey di tin dey bring good luck.


For many kontris wey dem dey speak English, dem dey call di strange weather “sun showers”. E dey strange because before rain fall, sky suppose black wit cloud so dat sun no go fit shine.


Showers dey come from cumulus clouds because of wetin dem dey call convection, and dem no dey tey. Also, dem dey no dey too heavy, na why e dey fall for small place.

Rain gan gan dey come from stratus clouds wey bi di main weather system. Rain, no bi like showers, e dey usually heavy and e dey fall wella.  


Sun showers dey hapun anytime wey cloud break, na dat time sun go come see small space shine. Dem dey also hapun wen one heavy wind fit just blow small water from where rain dey fall cari am go anoda area wey cloud no dey. Na why e dey be like sey sun dey shine. 


Most of di time, di showers dey hapun wen weda no too dey stable, especially during spring and summer, wen di sun angle dey allow am shine under cloud.

Sun showers dey common wen di sun dey low ontop horizon, maybe around middle of afternoon or middle of morning, or wen rain showers dey move east. E dey hard for dem to move wen di sun dey fully shine.

Scientists explain sey anytime wey weather no too stable, di temperature difference for some places di make air tanda for some places, and fall for anoda area. 

For di places wey air dey tanda, wetin dey hapun bi sey di air go come coolele come get small water inside am, naim make cloud go come form and den showers go fall. For di places wey air dey fall, e go come blow di cloud comot so dat sky go clear. Na dat time sun fit shine and den maybe showers go fall. 


Di same temperature wey dey change for different places wey dey make sun showers dey fall, naim dey make wey rainbow dey comot, as long as sey dey sun no dey too shine.

In some oda cases, sun shower dey hapun wen one single rain shower cloud dey pass and di angle wey di sun dey take shine dey no dey cover im light from di cloud. Sometimes, wen rain comot for cloud, sun light still fit pass di cloud even as rain di fall, but dis one no too common.



E no get any science tok wey claim sey sun shower dey hapun wen animal dey born. Di tori get different meaning for different cultures and kontris for di world. 


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