NASRDA seeks inclusion of astronomy studies in varsity curriculum

NASA to allow tourists visit International Space Station — at $35,000 per night NASA to allow tourists visit International Space Station — at $35,000 per night
NASA to allow tourists visit International Space Station — at $35,000 per night

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has called on universities to consider astronomy studies in their curriculum. 

Bonaventure Okere, director, centre for basic space science and astronomy (CBSSA), an activity centre of NASRDA, made the call on Friday in an interview with NAN.

Okere said the inclusion will boost technological advancement in the country.

He noted that only few universities offer astronomy studies, as students graduating from the course are left to seek employment outside the country.


“We are engaging Nigerian universities to see how they can include astronomy in their curriculum, because now, we have a handful of schools offering astronomy course,” Okere said.

“We need to invest in astronomy because it means we’re investing in space science technology, and any nation that invests in astronomy is keying into technology development.

“Some of them, when they finish, they leave the country and cause brain drain in that area, but the moment universities introduce it, there will be jobs and economic development.”


The director added that NASRDA is engaging with institutions across the country to encourage them to include astronomy courses in their curriculum.

“Every object in space has an address and some of these addresses are invisible to human eyes and where we cannot reach,” he said.

”To build equipment that can reach such objects that are billions of kilometers away requires technological advancement and investment in astronomy.

“In Nigeria, we assume space science technology is all about satellite launching, which is looking down, we are not looking up which is where you can develop your technology.


“If our country has to key into technology advancement like in other climes, that is why we need to introduce astronomy course in our universities and it will create jobs.”

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