NPHCDA: 16-year-olds can receive COVID vaccine if required for educational purposes

COVID vaccine COVID vaccine
COVID vaccine

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) says 16 and 17-year-olds can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The agency said this in an advisory on Thursday.

“The NPHCDA has given a waiver for persons aged 16 and 17 to receive COVID-19 vaccines if required for educational purposes,” the advisory reads.

The federal government had recommended that the vaccine be only administered to eligible Nigerians from age 18 and above.


Following the rise in the number of child infections, some countries, including Germany and France, had also begun the administration of vaccines to children younger than 18.

The agency in its advisory said pregnant women should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and that different vaccine brands should not be used for the first and second dose.

“Pregnant women can get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccine is not contraindicated in pregnancy, though it is recommended that pregnant women should take the COVID-19 vaccine after due consultations with their health provider,” the statement reads.


“The National Primary Health Care Development Agency does not recommend mix and match of different brands of COVID-19 vaccines. For vaccines that require two doses, both doses must be from the same brand of COVID-19 vaccine. In Nigeria, we do not mix different brands of COVID-19 vaccines.”

According to data from the NPHCDA, as of January 12, 12,235,135 of total eligible persons representing 10 percent of the population, have received the first dose of the vaccine while 4,898,251 of total eligible persons representing 4.4 percent, have received the second dose as well.

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