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Osinbajo: Jonathan, Yar’Adua didn’t build a single road

Osinbajo: Jonathan, Yar’Adua didn’t build a single road
February 26
19:13 2016

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday said that the federal government did not build “a single new road” in the last 10 years.

The late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and former President Goodluck Jonathan presided over the country within that period.

Speaking at the pastors and leaders retreat of the Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos, Osinbajo said corruption in the country was not caused by a few individuals, but that the entire system was built around lack of integrity.

He expressed confidence that the country would be great again but noted that the foundation for the greatness had to be laid with a lot of pains.


“Unless we tackle graft, we may not be able to achieve something,” he said.

“The federal government in the past 10 years could not build a single new road, not repairing existing ones alone.

“Now we have a president who will not steal money and who will not allow anybody to steal money.”


Commenting on the N6 billion that the last administration spent on a new residence for the vice-president, he said Aguda House, the current official residence, is up to standard with enough space.

He said the present administration would complete it but consider putting it to other use.

“There is no need for a new vice-president’s house; it is a kind of waste; we are now in a situation where we cannot abandon it; it has to be completed and used for a different thing,” he said.

Osinbajo also spoke on the controversy surrounding the State House Medical Centre, which he said was not only for workers at the state house.


He said it is a general hospital with a lot of facilities that serves all Nigerians, adding that he would prefer that it be further equipped to provide higher medical services to those in need.

Osinbajo debunked insinuation of lack of data in the country, saying that the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics had enormous which had been rated highly by the World Bank and other international agencies.

He said the intention of government was to aggregate the scattered data in INEC, CBN, National Population Census Commission into one by the National Identity Card Management Commission.

Osinbajo also said the education sector lacked not only standards but adequacy of institutions, which has forced Nigerians into sponsoring their children abroad for tertiary education.


He explained that while 1.8 million Nigerians sat for university entrance examination yearly, only about 300,000 were offered admission due to a dearth of universities.

The vice-president revealed plans of the government to convert many of the existing universities into centres of excellence and support the private sector in the running of universities to enable more Nigerians to have access to tertiary education.


Before responding to questions, Osinbajo said that what the country needs is truth and integrity, which the church should spearhead.

“The church is where the truth is; the church has the answer to the nation’s problems; one of the problems of our society is integrity,” he said.


“Nigeria lacks the capacity to get things done, which is difficult to understand, but with God on our side, our country will set the pace for Africa”.

“Our people are ready to do it and they can do it but they are waiting for the right kind of leadership. I know why you are praying for us, and it is because you know that this is a good opportunity to get it right and we don’t want to miss this chance.”


Taiwo Odukoya, senior pastor of the church, asked Christians to continue to pray for the administration as Nigeria has a great future.

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  1. Origen Utondu
    Origen Utondu February 26, 23:09

    To say that Jonathan did not build a single new road during his tenure must be the biggest lie of the century. Either the VP is totally in the clouds or he is living in denial.

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    • Ewa
      Ewa February 27, 04:36

      If you disagree, just mention the roads built by GEJ

      Reply to this comment
      • igbi
        igbi February 27, 11:17

        I think you should be asking osinbajo to prove his statement rather than asking people to give you names of roads, a normal human being doesn’t learn names of roads by heart. We are all familiar with the rail stations and routs made by GEJ’s administration and also the bridges built by the GEJ administration, therefor it is quite an incredible tale to say that GEJ didn’t build any road. Where is the proof to this claim by your beloved osinbajo ?

        Reply to this comment
        • Adoki
          Adoki February 27, 20:18

          One man said something does not exist. Another one says the thing exists. Shouldn’t the one to show proof be the one who claims that he built roads be the one to point to roads that he built? Besides what proof do you expect the VP to show? You want him to point to roads that he said does not exist? Use your head bro. Simple logic.
          If you have proof to roads that the man built why don’t you just mention it and put his accusers to shame one and for all?

          Reply to this comment
        • oscar
          oscar February 27, 21:59

          Your comment..If you think VP Osinbajo in not correct, then state the new routes GEJ constructed, that osinbajo does not know from documents available to him as VP! also let us know the new rail line stations GEJ did other than the Abuja – Kaduna route!

          Reply to this comment
      • ikayo
        ikayo March 02, 20:46

        What was Fashola’s statement about Jonatan’s administration on roads. I taya for u and Osinbanjo oh. Hmm

        Reply to this comment
  2. Emeka
    Emeka February 27, 03:59

    @Origen, then mention the ones they built.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Apa
    Apa February 27, 04:39

    The Vice President is certainly in denial of naked truth. How could he have made this blunder? Politics really stinks and is not for men God.

    Reply to this comment
  4. onovwakpo stephen
    onovwakpo stephen February 27, 09:31

    Why you too dey lie like this Mann of God.

    Reply to this comment
  5. milli
    milli February 27, 10:02

    According to fashola
    Jonathan Constructed More Roads Than
    Any Other Nigerian President – Fashola

    So who is saying the truth?

    Reply to this comment
  6. Clancy
    Clancy February 27, 10:15

    I think we should stop accusing the past government. Pls VP, you’ve a task to perform. Pls come up with ideas that will move the nation forward. Accusing the past government can never construct new roads. The new roads NDDC constructed was it not the same Goodluck government. Who provide the money?

    Reply to this comment
  7. AB
    AB February 27, 17:33

    There are new roads built in my community, Bonny in Rivers State. Ibaningo Street Extension, Church of God Mission Road at Park community, etc. This administration must be focused and deliver democracy dividends.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Bright
    Bright February 27, 19:18

    How many places has the VP traveled to within Nigeria by Road?, He should Travel himself and see Him self. Osibanjo rarely travel round Nigeria b4 He assumed office as VP since is a Lagos Boy, and You know Lagos Boys rarely leave Lagos. Osibanjo as a Rich Lagos boy only travel by air, so He has no yardstick to his claim. To Me it’s unfair for the VP to say no road has been constructed or repaired in the past Ten Years. Anyway! I’m not amazed since the APC is a complaining Political Party, One thing I’m sure of is if they continue this way, this Government will do nothing good for this country until their tenure expire. Jonathan’s tenure is over, stop the complaints and face the reality of the present day. NIGERIANS are waiting for a better Nigeria.

    Reply to this comment
    • Uncle G
      Uncle G February 27, 20:14

      whats difficult for you guys to name the so called FG new roads. @ AB is mentioning streets in his community without specifics as to whether they were built by sad

      Reply to this comment
      • Lo
        Lo February 28, 03:41

        Fashola told the world that GEJ built roads more than any previous government before him. Amaechi also said, he didn’t know that Nigerian railways are working that excellently. It’s unfortunate that APC likes blaming and complaining about the previous government instead and doing something to mprove the lives of Nigerians.

        Reply to this comment
  9. ekeson
    ekeson February 28, 07:41

    Your comment..osibanjo just shot ur mouth and focus on ur govt. We hvn’t see anything new dis govt did dat is different from other past administration

    Reply to this comment
  10. tuneshy
    tuneshy February 28, 19:34

    I think the vp made a big error with that statement. Or the statement is too ambiguous

    Reply to this comment
  11. kabolic
    kabolic February 29, 08:55

    10 yrs for Yar Adua and GEJ, so OBJ ruled for only 6 yrs of the PDP 16 yrs. Fashola said GEJ built roads more than previous govt. Amaechi said he did not know that railway is working now VP is saying otherwise, hmmmm APC govt

    Reply to this comment
  12. liljohn
    liljohn February 29, 21:09

    If u are here accepting what Osibanjo said then you are blind and not reasonable. what was the state of Abuja Lokoja express way before GEJ, what was the state of Gwagwalada-Abuja Airport- city gate road before GEj, oga will u say no road was constructed in your area in the past 6 years?, u fly to your house na dats y. be reasonable jare. plus check out this link,

    Reply to this comment
  13. chags
    chags March 04, 21:41

    the new abuja gej express way is completely new. what else? am saddened by this comment.

    Reply to this comment
  14. austin
    austin September 15, 15:45

    this government will spend four years blaming PDP, without accomplishing anything.
    we Nigerians are not fools, we know that this government is the worst ever. Nigerians have never suffer like this since we have our independent

    Reply to this comment

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