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Sam Amadi: I — not Jonathan — reversed electricity tariff

Sam Amadi: I — not Jonathan — reversed electricity tariff
July 14
21:16 2017

Sam Amadi, former chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), says ex-President Goodluck Jonathan did not order the reversal of electricity tariff in 2014. 

In the build-up to the 2015 general election, the commission announced an increase in electricity tariff, but it later suspended the action.

Speaking at a public lecture in Lagos on Thursday, Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, works and housing, said the Jonathan government ordered a reversal of tariff in order to win votes.

But in a statement issued on Friday, Amadi said he and his colleagues at NERC took the decision to suspend the action.

He also said Jonathan never dictated policy to the commission, and that he was determined to ensure the independence of the regulator.

“I have read some piece of news suggesting that President Jonathan ordered the reversal of electricity tariff during his tenure as president. Since I have left office I have avoided issues about electricity regulation in Nigeria to give our successors the best opportunity to do better than we did,” he said.

“My understanding of public office that the best a former public officer should do is to truly step aside and be willing to provide advice if and when it is needed. In the best tradition of public service, you don’t obstruct the new administration.

“But I am constrained to restate the truth of what happened for the purpose of ensuring proper information to enable the present administration do their best to fix the electricity crisis. Throughout our five years as commissioners of NERC, there was no single day that President Jonathan ever dictated or instructed policy to the commission concerning any issue on electricity regulation.”

Amadi said Jonathan was a great president to the electricity sector and that he found him very understanding.

He also said all tariffs issued from 2010 to 2015 did not require the approval of the former president.

“On the matter of the tariff, the facts are straightforward and borne out by records. NERC as a regulation has comprehensive methodology and business rules for regulating tariff. The act, methodology and business rules put the responsibility on NERC commissioners who vote democratically for every such decision, just like the board of governors of the CBN does for monetary policies,” he explained.

“Every tariff we have issued from 2010 to 2015 did not receive or require the approval of the president. Only NERC commissioners approved them.

“I am prepared to take slacks for any intended or unintended consequences of that decision as the chairman and chief executive of NERC. I still strongly believe that my reading of effective regulation confirms that it was a good decision to internalise efficiency in the distribution segment of the electricity industry. But President Jonathan played no role at all in that decision. His ministers did not play any role. It was a bona fide regulatory decision that may be termed wise or unwise, after the facts. But should not be used to denigrate President Jonathan or the ministers of power.

“But for now, take it from the horse’s mouth: Jonathan did not reverse any tariff. Sam Amadi and his colleagues changed the tariff through the normal due process and as part of the effective regulation of the sector.”


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    EASYMAN July 14, 22:22


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  2. Mr Gee
    Mr Gee July 14, 22:41

    But why are we so gullible in this country? As a chairman in the last government, did you appoint yourself? You were part of Jonathan Government. So any associated failure of that Government rubs on you. Tariff for election is no big deal. Government all over the world try to give election carrots. Please leave defence for Jonathan. He made only one mistake, he had so much insensitive people around him. Nigerians know he is a good man but not as commander in chief.

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    • Victorious
      Victorious July 15, 08:50

      Rather than focus on an inept Minister who is looking for blames to excuse his massive failure you are still amplifying his baseless excuse.That a President appointed someone to office does not mean he takes every decision of that office. The man who was in that office has said GEJ didn’t take that decision but you would rather continue to believe the lies and blame game of a Minster of power who 2 years plus into this APC government has not improved on the situation. Blaming doesn’t improve anything; instead hold this Minister to account for his failure thus far. If anyone is gullible here, you are the one.

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      • Clinton
        Clinton July 15, 10:50

        Mr. Gee , I am forced to ask , who appointed prof. Jega? And if it’s GEJ why didn’t he(prof) take instructions and announce GEJ winner of 2015 election?. I fear for this nation of people for selfish reasons will fail to be objective in addressing issues that affects us as a nation. The minister didn’t accuse the past administration but GEJ and I think he was and still wrong and simply should apologize to GEJ if he (minister ) is honorable.

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  3. Izzycn
    Izzycn July 15, 10:55

    Amadi should be told that Nigerians are wiser than he imagined. Unless he is telling us he appointed himself as head of NERC, then it is understandable.
    The reason why those who brought untold hardship to Nigeria and Nigerians still move freely and unchallenged is that the system shielded them from punishment. The likes of Amadi should be serving long prison terms, but this is Nigeria for you.
    But make no mistake, it can continue this way, is a promise.

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    • Nnamdi
      Nnamdi July 15, 19:42

      And why should Amadi be serving a long prison sentence? For regulating the electricity sector the way he felt it should be or for coming out to torpedo Fashola’s childish comments? Did you read where Amadi accepted responsibility for any failures under his watch as NERC boss? Fashola and the APC told Nigerians Jonathan was a failure; they told us they could fix things, it’s three years on and instead of fixing things we are still being regaled with fairy tales. It’s almost late evening, my brother, wake up from your slumber and smell the strong smell of the coffee: the APC as a party is a blight on Nigeria and it’s leaders should enter a collective Mea Culpa for the rot we face at the moment. Leave Amadi and Jonathan alone; the ball in now squarely in APC’s court.

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    • OFN
      OFN July 17, 08:42

      I pity for your family and people around you.

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