THE INSIDER: How Sunday Igboho’s house was attacked

House of Igboho destroyed House of Igboho destroyed

Details of the early Thursday attack on the house of Sunday Adeyemo, a Yoruba youth leader better known as Sunday Igboho, have emerged.

An inside source told TheCable after the attack, that the gunmen came with a detailed map of the house located at Soka area in Ibadan, Oyo state. According to him, when they could not break down the gates of the house, they managed to climb the fence to gain entry into the vast premises.

He said the attackers dispatched themselves to different parts of the building, shooting at every object as they moved around the premises.

“They came with sophisticated weapons, one that will be difficult for Igboho boys to match even if they had wanted to fight back with force. They came in many vehicles. They blocked the entrance leading to the Soka community where the house is located and stationed themselves around the building, meaning that it was surrounded,” he said.


“They were pointing to rooms and naming occupants. They recognised the apartment Igboho stayed and his room. They gained entrance to his living room, turning all furniture upside down while calling on him to come out.

“They also turned his mattress upside down looking for him under the bed. When they could not find him, they started shooting at the ceiling, thinking he was hiding up there. Their bullets pierced through the ceiling decorations, bringing down the POP and creating holes in the roof.

“One of them later said that there were many cats in the house and he could have turned to one of them with his charm. They started killing the cats, stamping on the kittens. One of the cats just gave birth. They took them away with the bodies of the two people killed.


“One of the people killed was an Alfa who just finished his prayers. The other deceased was caught inside the visitors’ room. There are other people in the house apart from the deceased. Residents of the area were shouting ‘don’t kill Igboho’ but the onslaught continued.

“Outside the building, the attackers within the compound were busy spraying the cars and walls of the houses with bullets. They brought down doors from their hinges also. We counted more than 300 expended bullets when the day broke.”

Speaking with BBC News Pidgin on the attack, Igboho said he was in the building, stating that two people were killed in the incident.

The Department of State Services (DSS) on Thursday night said its operatives raided the residence of Igboho, recovering arms and ammunition.


The security agency also confirmed that two persons were killed in the attack while 13 of Igboho’s aides were arrested.

  1. This strong arm tactics is what Buhari should have employed a very long time ago. The levity emboldened the Kidnappers, The Bandits, The murderous Fulani Herdsmen, The Insurrectionists,, the fake Revolutionaries . He forgot he was a General. You don’t treat INSECURITY with kid gloves. Speak to them in the language that they can understand. There can NEVER be economic prosperity without Law and Order

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