TRENDING: Group offers help to men suffering domestic violence

A group based in Lagos is running an advocacy project for men who suffer domestic violence.

The Catalyst Men Network said while launching the helpline that the project seeks to assist men suffering any form of abuse.

It put out a call for referral to men who have been “beaten, battered, abused or suffering domestic violence.”

The call, made through its Facebook page, noted that the centre deals with “real” issues concerning “real” men.

It added that it is “championing the transformation of nations through a global network of transformed men” by “raising great men in godly way”.

Although the post was made in 2018, it has returned to limelight as it is trending on the social media platform, Whatsapp.

When TheCable called the helpline on Wednesday, the reporter was told the advocacy project has been running since 2012.


The group also said the project is still ongoing, and reaffirmed their resolve to come to the aid of such men in need.

“It is for men who have been battered, beaten or suffering domestic violence in their marital affairs,” an official of the group told TheCable via the helpline.

In a post on its website, Dayo Adeyemi, founder of The Catalyst Men Network, wrote: “The best time to be a man is now. Crisis makes the man in you to be tested, tried and eventually to thrive.”

In what appears to be words of encouragement for men that might be suffering violence, he asked them to “remember (that) no man becomes a champion by dropping out of the heat.”

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