Umahi: Abuja-Kano road will take another 24 months to be completed

A file picture of David Umahi (right) and Wale Edun (left)

David Umahi, the minister of works, says it will take another 24 months for the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano road to be completed.

Umahi announced the development on Friday when he inspected the road, alongside Wale Edun, minister of finance.

The minister had on January 5  said the federal government was committed to completing the road before the end of 2024.

“Initially when we started, Berger had four sections working but we ran into hitches due to funding. Now the finance minister has assured us of adequate funding, so we agreed that they are going to go back to four sections,” NAN quoted Umahi as saying.


“By four sections, we are looking at the completion of 15 kilometres of road every month.

“We are now looking at 24 months to finish the project. We are assured of financing by the minister and the contractors have reassured that they are going to come back.

“I commend the palliative work done on the road. The signing of the outstanding certificate of N17 billion, then the other of N33 billion is being processed, so we assure that funding will not be a problem.”


Giving more insight into the project, Umahi said the Kaduna-Zaria road has been completed.

“Now from Kaduna to Zaria is completed, we have only 20 kilometres between Zaria and Kano, and then we have 40 or 38 kilometres from zero point and then another 82 kilometres undone between Abuja and Kaduna,” Umahi added.

“So you can say we have about 88 kilometres plus 82 kilometres which is about 120 kilometres undone within the first section, second section: Kaduna-Zaria completed, third section Zaria-Kano, only 20kilometres is left.

“Our concentration would be to finish that 20 kilometres.”


On his part, minister of economy, assured Umahi and the contractors of the government’s willingness to fund the project.

“We are here to examine and to hear from the contractors and to get their commitment, encourage and support them so as to complete this all-important reconstruction of the Abuja- Kaduna-Zaria-Kano road,” Edun said.

“They have done over 40 kilometres on this side, we want to urge them to do more. Infrastructure is critical, it is a critical priority of the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

“That is how we can get food prices down through good transportation, easy transportation of agriculture products.


“That will bring down food prices, and inflation and then stabilise the economy and follow up on the funding that has been made available to ensure that work is going on at the right pace.”

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