Dem use AI touch di video wey dem interview Bill Gates about COVID-19 vaccine

Dem use AI touch di video wey dem interview Bill Gates about COVID-19 vaccine
April 23
10:05 2023

Dem don use Artificial intelligence (AI) touch one video wey dem dey interview Bill Gates ontop Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News to add tins wey no true about vaccine and Microsoft.

Different pipu share di video for Twitter and Instagram.

One user wey im name na @meekystudios post di video come write: “Wow, where dem cari dis woman from wey she clear Bill Gates, former richest man in di world, sotey im no fit open mouth well again?”

Di post get more dan 28, 100 likes, 614 comments, and 1,203 shares.


Anoda user wey im name na @fqryonline folo post di video for Instagram where e gather pass 110k likes, 3,392 shares and 158k shares.

For di video wey dey go round, Sarah Ferguson, one Australian journalist, dey interview  Bill Gates, di pesin wey start Microsoft.

“Mr Gates, make you use your mouth talk am, wetin you don contribute for dis world?” na so e bi like sey she ask for di interview.


“I no sure weda you sabi, but na me create di most popular computer operating system for di world,” na so e bi like sey Gates answer am.

After she accuse am sey im steal di Windows operating system from pesin, she come dey ask am some kain question about COVID-19, wey dey suggest sey im follow benifit ontop di vaccines.

One voice wey bi like sey na di interviewer get am come ask: “You bi one of di main pipu wey dey tok about COVID vaccines during di pandemic, wetin make pesin like you – computer engineer wey no even program im first product by imsef – dey chuk mouth for inside pharmaceutical industry?”

“I don read plenty book about di topic and I don meet with experts for di field from all over di world,” na so di voice wey bi like sey na Gates own ansa.


She come finally ask weda na normal tin for Gates to tiff confam technology wey im no “understand, come sell somtin wey don spoil finish, dey cause wahala so dat im go fit dey benefi.”


As we read di comments of di post ontop di different social media wey dem post am, e show sey many viewers no know sey dem don touch di video.

Howeva, one social media user wey don see di original interview start to dey blow whistle. Im sey di real interview no get any discussion about Microsoft and di COVID-19 vaccine.


Using keyword search, TheCable find di original video wey ABC News Australia post on January 31, 2023.

Na Sarah Ferguson, one Australian journalist, interview Bill Gates ontop di ABC News show titled “7.30”.


TheCable still check see sey di original interview no get any part  of di video wey dey circulate for social media.


For di real interview, Ferguson bin tok about climate change, philanthropy, misinformation, if anoda pandemic won come, and di dinners wey Gates regret to get with Jeffrey Epstein.

Anoda check show sey di face and lip movement of di interviewer and Gates for di video wey dey social media no align.



Dem don use deepfake technology touch di circulating audio. Wetin dem tok for di original interview no join with di fake one.


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